News In Brief: April 2023


LKCMedicine Vice-Dean for Research Professor Lim Kah Leong has been appointed NTU Associate Vice President (Biomedical & Life Sciences) from 1 April 2023. NTU Acting President, Deputy President and Provost Professor Ling San and Vice President (Research) Professor Luke Ong made the announcement on 7 March. With biomedical and life sciences being a key growth area for the University, Prof Lim who is also NTU's President's Chair in Translational Neuroscience will formulate research strategies and investment priorities in this area. He will also work closely with Professor Christiane Ruedl, the newly appointed Research Director (Biomedical & Life Sciences), to help drive cross-disciplinary collaboration in life sciences research and education across NTU. Prof Lim will relinquish the Vice-Dean (Research) role at LKCMedicine at the end of 2023 to focus on his new responsibilities.



The DTU-NTU Joint Workshop in Food Science and Biotechnology took place on 14 March, with participation from NTU and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Attended by some 40 participants, the online workshop commenced with opening remarks from NTU Vice President of Research Professor Luke Ong and Senior Vice President at DTU Professor Philip John Binning. The event featured presentations from renowned experts in the field including Professor Peter Preiser, who provided an overview of food research at NTU, and DTU’s Professor Charlotte Jacobsen, who discussed resource utilisation optimisation. NTU’s Professor William Chen presented on food tech innovations for zero-waste food processing and efficient food systems, while DTU’s Associate Professor Aberham Hailu Feyissa explored enhancing food processing through modelling. The workshop also highlighted the importance of gut microbiome and its impact on host metabolism, with LKCMedicine Professor Wang Yulan and DTU’s Professor Tine Rask Licht presenting their research. LKCMedicine Associate Professor Yusuf Ali discussed dietary intervention's potential to mitigate insulin-producing cell lipotoxicity. The event continued with presentations on high-quality proteins from green biorefining and precision fermentation by DTU’s Professor Peter Ruhdal Jensen, followed by funding possibilities for joint collaboration by DTU’s Academic Officer William Nordmark.



On 3 March, the LKCMedicine Early Researchers’ Network (LEARN) organised the 2nd LEARN Symposium to highlight our early researchers’ work and spur interaction among our scientists to collaborate and exchange ideas across disciplines. Professor Lim Kah Leong delivered his opening remarks to over 64 participants, consisting of PhD students, research assistants, associates and fellows. He shared about his own early career researcher journey and key takeaways and thanked the Faculty Advisors, namely Associate Professors Kevin Pethe and Sunny Wong and Nanyang Assistant Professor Christine Cheung, and the LEARN Committee members for their efforts in supporting our early career researchers. He also encouraged researchers to participate in the upcoming LEARN Grant Call and to join the LEARN Committee. President of LEARN Dr Alvin Chew moderated an engaging career dialogue session with panellist speakers Asst Prof Cheung, President from NUS Medicine Postdoctoral Association Dr Vanja Cnops, former team lead of DUKE-NUS Early Career Scientists (DUNES) Dr Alvin Guo, and Country Medical Lead, Global Medical & Scientific Affairs, Malaysia, Singapore, & Brunei at MSD Dr Michelle Dee. Dr Vanja kickstarted the dialogue by sharing the results from National Postdoc Survey 2021, which led to an insightful discussion between the panellists and participants. Asst Prof Cheung delivered the closing remarks followed by the presentation of the Best Oral Presentation and Best Poster Presentation awards. LEARN Awards were also given out to recognise the outstanding efforts of our researchers and research support staff.



On 16 February, partners from the National Healthcare Group (NHG) joined LKCMedicine senior faculty leaders, programme directors, and tenure-track faculty, for a networking session co-organised by the LKCMedicine Office of Faculty Affairs and the soon-to-be-launched Academy of Clinician Scientists and Innovators (ACSI). The event kicked off with opening addresses by the Co-Presidents of ACSI, LKCMedicine Dean Professor Joseph Sung and Executive Director of the National Centre for Infectious Diseases Professor Leo Yee Sin. Participants were introduced to the School's research programmes and given a brief overview of ACSI, which highlighted numerous partnership opportunities available between the institutions. The evening was filled with engaging presentations, insightful conversations, and networking opportunities over dinner and drinks at the Medical Library against the beautiful view of the city skyline. The event provided an excellent platform to connect, network, and explore new collaboration opportunities.