News from Imperial: Hosting LKCMedicine students in London

By Christian Oldfield, Imperial College School of Medicine Students’ Union (ICSMSU) President

On 27 February 2023, Imperial College School of Medicine (ICSM) welcomed 22 Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine students for the Imperial Immersion Week. Since the initiation of ICSM and LKCMedicine’s collaboration, students have travelled from Singapore each year to immerse themselves in the culture and education of a medical school half-way across the world.

Students experienced a tailor-made programme, involving group sessions as well as joining ICSM students for their scheduled teaching. The LKCMedicine students explored the different pedagogical methods involved in the UK’s medical education system. From traditional learning, such as the dissection room in the Human Anatomy Unit, to the most innovative forms of medical education; HoloLens’ simulated patient using augmented reality. Other educational highlights include ‘Stabbed to Stable’ – an interactive tutorial exploring physiological responses to critical haemorrhage – and an outdoor session learning first aid in a remote environment.

Students were also able to access some of London’s most exciting medical exhibitions, such as the medicine gallery at the Science Museum, St Bartholomew’s pathology museum and Imperial’s pathology museum in Charing Cross hospital. 

Outside of academics, the Imperial Immersion Week is a chance for LKCMedicine students to explore the life of an ICSM medical student. Throughout the week, ICSM Students’ Union members socialised with LKCMedicine students in the evening, showing them areas of West London that a tourist may not normally go to. This included Fulham’s finest Italian food and a trip across Putney bridge for some minigolf. Some LKCMedicine students even managed to watch ICSM’s water polo team win the London University Sports League in their final match of the season! In their free time, many went to see West End musicals such as Les Misérables and Phantom of the Opera, as well exploring Soho, Chinatown and other areas of central London.

This week highlighted the benefits of trans-continental medical education and collaboration. Listening to the reflections made by every LKCMedicine student at the end of the week, it was apparent that each one gained a huge amount from the Imperial Immersion Week. I would like to thank all of the LKCMedicine students for joining us and engaging with the ICSMSU committee. It was fantastic meeting everybody and we look forward to continuing to collaborate on future projects!