Academic Guide

This page contains information about how to register for undergraduate courses. For information about programme curricula, refer to the curriculum pages for the respective divisions:

Mathematical Sciences | Physics and Applied Physics

Please refer to the Office of Academic Services webpage for NTU-wide course registration instructions, followed by the programme-specific instructions below:

For the registration schedule, course schedules, and other information, refer to the STARS system.

AY23 Sem 1 - Timetable Clash and Pre-requisite Waiver application (SPMS courses)

  • Phase 1: 5 June to 16 June (2359)
  • Phase 2: 4 August to 18 August (2359)

Online Waiver Application System:

AY23 Sem 1 - Semester and UE/BDE overload application (SPMS students)

Opens from 26 June to 20 August

Online Overload Application System:

If you are accessing the waiver application or overload application system outside of NTU, you need to install NTU VPN first. Students from non-SPMS programmes who need to apply for timetable clash or pre-requisite waiver for SPMS courses may also apply through the link indicated above. For further enquiries, please email [email protected].


Click here for the NTU guide to course registration. For further enquiries about course registration, please contact SPMS Undergraduate Studies. For technical issues, such as problems logging in to StudentLink or STARS, contact NTU's Service Desk.

Changes to Courses in AY23/24 Semester 1

  • ​PH2104 Final Exam date is updated to Thursday 07 December 9AM
  • MH2500 tutorial - MAS1, MAS2 is updated to Tue (1530-1620)
  • PH3199 lab - LA1 is updated to Mon (1330-1720)
  • MH2802 - Lecture timing is shifted to Friday (1430-1620)
  • MH4700 Final Exam date is updated to Tuesday 28 November 5PM

The following course-planning maps are provided for students matriculating in AY21/22 and AY20/21. You can and should customise the map according to your needs (such as whether you are doing a Professional Internship or Final Year Project, going for overseas exchange, etc.).

For students matriculating in previous years, please note that some of the degree requirements may be different. Check the School and Division webpages for the latest information about your programme requirements.

Students matriculating in Academic Year 2021/22

Students matriculating in Academic Year 2020/21

For All Students

Any student with poor standing will be subjected to an academic performance review. This consists of:

  • An Academic Warning if the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) falls below 2.00 during a given semester;
  • Academic Probation if the CGPA falls below 2.00 the following semester; and
  • Academic Termination if the CGPA falls below 2.00 for the 3rd consecutive semester, or at the end of the final semester of study.

Any student having difficulty coping with the programme of study is strongly encouraged to contact the Student Welfare team for assistance and advice.

For certain courses, students can exercise the option to be graded on a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory (S/U) basis, rather than the usual letter-grade basis. Courses on which the S/U option is exercised are listed as "S" or "U" on the final degree transcript. They are not included in the CGPA, but count toward AU requirements for fulfillment of the degree programme, subject to the limitations stated below:

  1. Core Courses, Major Prescribed Electives, and GER Core Courses must be read on a letter-grade basis. The S/U option can only be exercised for GER Prescribed Electives and Unrestricted Electives. Moreover, courses read as S/U cannot be used to fulfill a Minor or Second Major programme requirement.
  2. The S/U option may only be exercised for a maximum of 12 AU of coursework. The University requires a minimum 69 AU of letter-graded courses for the award of a degree.
  3. After the S/U option has been exercised, it is possible to revert the choice within the S/U declaration period. Once the declaration deadline is past, the choice of S/U or letter grade is irrevocable. No appeals will be entertained by the School.

Please refer to the NTU Office of Academic Services webpage for more information about the S/U option, including the declaration period. Students are advised not to make the S/U declaration at the last minute! Once the S/U option has been exercised, please remember to print the confirmation page for your records. For queries, please contact SPMS Undergraduate Studies.

Note that students who do not wish to exercise their S/U option are not required to declare this intention online.

The use of calculators in examinations is limited to certain approved ​models, listed below:

Only calculators that have been registered and sealed may be brought into the examination halls. Calculators intended for use in an examination must be checked and sealed by the School. The School has arranged the following period for students to register​ new calculators or re-register old calculators with broken seals. Please observe the date and time closely.

DateAY2023/2024 Semester 1, 11-SEPTEMBER-2023 to 17-NOVEMBER-2023
Time09.30 am – 12.30 pm and 14.00 pm – 17.00 pm (Monday - Friday; except Public Holidays)
VenueSchool of Physical and Mathematical Sciences General Office (SPMS-04-01)

Students who have registered previously need only register again if they have changed their calculators, or if the seal on a previously registered calculator is broken. Please note that for approved graphic calculators, students are responsible for clearing any information and/or programs stored in the calculator before the examination.

If your calculator model is not included in the above list, please email SPMS Undergraduate Studies indicating your calculator model and include a picture or screenshot of your calculator (front display and keyboard). Please allow at least 1 week for the request to be assessed.

Please refer to the Office of Academic Services webpage for NTU-wide short leave application guidelines. Students from SPMS programmes may submit their short leave application by completing the following steps:

  1. Download the Short Leave application form
  2. Fill up the application form
  3. Scan / Combine the completed form and supporting document into a single PDF file
  4. Name the PDF file in the following format: "Full Name_Matric_No_Start Date of short leave
  5. Upload the file at step 6 in the following Microsoft Forms link: SPMS short leave application

Please note the following:

  • Hard copy applications will not be accepted.
  • Submission via email will not be accepted.
  • Applications without supporting document or short leave application form will be rejected.