Current Course Offerings

Semester 1, AY2024-25

Course Code
​Course Title​​Course Coordinator
HY0001Ethics and Moral ReasoningTBC
HY1001Introduction to PhilosophyTeru Miyake
HY1002Symbolic LogicKwok Sai Hang
HY2003/HY2903Introduction to Chinese PhilosophyWinnie Sung
HY2005/HY2905Political PhilosophyLim Chong Ming
HY2015Philosophy of Well-BeingGrace Boey
HY2016FriendshipWinnie Sung
HY3010/HY3910Philosophy of ScienceTBC
HY3021Philosophy of Race and GenderLim Chong Ming
HY4008Advanced Moral PhilosophyLim Chong Ming
HY4009Value TheoryAndrew Forcehimes
HY4015Philosophical MethodologiesTBC
HY4021Practical RationalityGrace Boey
HY4025Ethics and Public PolicyLim Chong Ming
HY4112Special Topics in PhilosophyTBC
HY4113Special Topics in Chinese PhilosophyTBC
HY4114Special Topics in LogicTBC
HY4120Special Topics in Philosophy of Science IITBC
HY4122Special Topics in Philosophy IITBC