Core Courses

DD1003 Introduction to Histories of Art I: Western Art History
Pre-requisite(s): Nil | 3 AUs

This foundation level course will introduce you to the major western artists, art works and art movements that have influenced aspects of world art, design and society. You will have the opportunity to explore and engage with the concepts and principles embedded in western art history that will inform your future creative thinking in design, media and the creative industry. You will develop and apply your academic reading and writing abilities through independent research, critical thinking, oral presentations, written tests and assignments. This will provide a solid theoretical foundation for further studies in art and design.

DD1004 Introduction to Asian Art Histories (Old course title: Introduction to Histories of Art II)
Pre-requisite(s): DD1003| 3 AUs

This intensive, one-semester lecture course aims to provide you with a foundational understanding of Asian art histories (content and methods) alongside foundational level academic writing, reading, presentation, and research skills.

HR1001 (DD1005 / DD8002) Ways of Seeing: Exploring Visual Culture
Pre-requisite(s): Nil | 3 AUs

This course is foundational for more advanced art historical studies. It seeks to initiate critical reflection on “art” and “art history” as variable constructs subject to shifting matrixes of interconnected factors and forces. Based on a range of visual and textual materials from the premodern to the contemporary, the East and the West, the “North” and the “South”, this course investigates the ways of seeing, representing, interpreting and thinking about “art” and “art
history”. The first part of the course examines pictorial strategies adopted by image-makers from different periods and parts of the world; the second part explores a selection of art historical theories from Europe, East and South Asia. This learning will provide a conceptual framework for further, in-depth studies in global Art History.

HR2001 (DD2000) Introduction to the Histories of Southeast Asian Arts
Pre-requisite(s): Nil | 3 AUs

This is a foundational survey course covering works of art, artefacts and sites from Southeast Asia. It begins with the early cultures of prehistory and ends by investigating persisting traditions found in 20th -21st century artworks from Southeast Asia. You will study and question the dynamics, themes, and complexities that distinguishes the region geographically and artistically. You will develop literacy over a range of visual representations by considering their aesthetics, symbolic attributes, and cultural/historical significances. You will cultivate and apply these knowledge through independent research, critical thinking, oral presentations, written tests and assignments. This will provide a foundation for further research and study of art in Southeast Asia.