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In the biological system, most of the important cellular events, such as growth, differentiation and migration are regulated by post-translational modifications. Protein methylation has emerged as one of the major control mechanisms in protein function. Earlier, we suggested a cytosolic role for the histone lysine methyltransferase, Ezh2, in regulating lymphocyte activation (Cell 2005, 121, 425-436). Our recent data reveal that Ezh2-mediated methylation of talin1, a key regulatory molecule in cell migration, disrupts its binding to F-actin and thereby promotes adhesion turnover and cell migration (Nature Immunology 2015, 16: 505-516). The physiological significance of cytoplasmic Ezh2 is further substantiated by studies in leukocytes (iScience 2018,10: 23–39; J Immunol 2018, 201: 3651-3661) and in neoplastic transformation (Oncogene 2018, 37: 461-477). Ezh2 and other lysine methyltransferases are likely to methylate additional proteins to modulate various cytosolic signaling events. ​


I-hsin SuLEAD PI
Su​ I-Hsin
Associate Professor

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Maegan Bunjamin
Research Associate

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Project Officer/Masters Student

Alice Sint Thida Bo
Project Officer

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PhD student

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  • To determine the physiological significance of uncharacterized cytoplasmic lysine methyltransferases (KMTs) in immune cells (Tier 2, July 2018- June 2021)
  • Biochemical and functional studies of uncharacterized cytosolic KMTs (Tier 2, July 2018- June 2021; Tier 1, Feb 2018- Jan 2021)
  • To identify cytoplasmic determinants for cellular transformation (NMRC-OFIRG, Mar 2019-Feb 2023)
  • The role of Ezh2-regulated thymic dendritic cells in T cell development

Full list of publications can be found here​
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