Laboratory of Cell Cycle and Cancer Biology

The cell cycle is the set of sophisticated self-regulated mechanisms by which cells make copies of themselves with same genome. Misregulation of the cell cycle may result in cancer. Our lab focuses on: 1. The mechanism on how genome integrity is regulated during the cell cycle in general; 2. Regulation of mitotic catastrophe/cell death in cancer treatment; 3. Impact of metabolic reprogramming on genomic integrity during cancer development; 4. Natural products drug development for cancer treatment; and 5. Maintenance of genome integrity in Malaria parasite during the intraerythrocytic cycle. We are also interested in developing imaging techniques and modeling to tackle problems.

Nomrla mitotic bipolar spindle

Monopolar spindle induced by anticancer drug

Mitotic cell death after treatment of anticancer drug Taxol

Knockdown of VCP (AAA ATPase p97) inhibits actin dynamic in cancer cells

Li Hoi YeungLEAD PI
Li Hoi Yeung ​
Principal Investigator
Associate Chair (Academic),
School of Biological Science Associate Professor,
School of Biological Sciences

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Phone: (65) 6316 2812/2931
Office: SBS-03N-40
Dr. Eddie So, Ph.D.
Principal Research Scientist

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Yau Wing Yiu Winfred - Prof Li Hoi Yeung Lab Member

Yau Wing Yiu Winifred
Principal Research Scientist

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Dr. Lai Soak Kuan, Ph.D.
SBS Microscope facility Manager

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Yeap Szu LingYeap Szu Ling
Senior Research Scientist

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Dr. Nicole Khong, Ph.D.
Research Fellow

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Dr. Zhang Songjing, Ph.D.
Research Fellow

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Choo Zhi En, ChermaineChoo Zhi En, Chermaine
Project Officer

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Lee Ying Hui, Samantha
Project Officer

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Raymond Woo
Ph.D student

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(Full list of publications can be found here)
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