Laboratory of Molecular Immunology and Cell Signaling


The Xiao lab leverages on a high throughput, antibody-guided, fusion-based drug discovery platform to investigate and identify broad spectrum anti-viral fusion inhibitors. Specifically, flavivirus infections, including dengue, is one of the most widely spread vector-born infectious diseases in tropical and sub-tropical area.

There is no effective therapeutics to date. Lack of successful drug candidates can largely be attributed to two reasons:

1) Inefficient preclinical animal model for therapeutics development;

2) Lack of new druggable targets that can inhibit virus mechanism-of-action.

There is a dire need for an improved approaches to develop curative anti-viral agents. Using a combination of high throughput small molecule drug screening, biochemical and structural biology approaches including Cryo-EM and NMR, as well as animal in vivo studies utilizing zebrafish and mice viral infectious models, we will search for small molecule inhibitors that can block virus/host membrane fusion. 

Xiao Tianshu
Assistant Professor

Email: [email protected]


  1. Drug discovery for broad-spectrum flavivirus fusion inhibitor
  2. Develop in vitro and in vivo tools to characterize viral entry and infection. 
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