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NTU School of Biological Sciences (SBS) explores new knowledge and discoveries in molecular biology that will have major impact on the life sciences, widely acknowledged as the next technological revolution after the Internet. Many governments, life sciences industries, universities and research organisations are building up their capabilities, research and infrastructure in this area. 

Our school's 20th Anniversary celebrations have ended, thank you for the celebrating this joyous milestone with us!


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Since NTU SBS’s establishment, we have been in-tune with future market needs, offering a range of relevant bioscience degrees over the years for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

Students of NTU SBS

For Undergraduate Students

Since 2002, we have provided our students with cutting-edge global education in the biomedical and life sciences. Stimulating and challenging, our curriculum is designed to augment each student’s capabilities and prepare them for the demands of a career in the biomedical and healthcare industries. Supported by a diverse faculty with members from over 20 countries, our students will have access to broad global perspectives from experts in the field.

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For Graduate Students

Focused on equipping students with the skills and knowledge essential for today’s global environment, we offer a stimulating environment and expose our postgraduates to diverse areas of research in biological and biomedical sciences. Also, we promote interdisciplinary research through collaboration across boundaries and are committed to doing excellent research and delivering high-level education to our students.

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Our Programmes

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Expect a balanced, well-rounded education at NTU that prepares you for a dynamic world.
Our graduate programmes lead to the award of the degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Master.

Our Research

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Many talented individuals from around the world and Singapore have joined us, from scientific leaders, researchers, postgraduate students, working across our various fields of research.


SBS collaborates with local and international research institutes, universities and hospitals, sharing a common goal to advance basic knowledge and translational application in the biological and biomedical sciences.


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Understanding the importance of knowledge sharing among the biological sciences community, we organise seminars on a weekly basis featuring our faculty members, guest speakers, postgraduates and alumni to share about their research and experiences.

SBS Internal Seminars

Every Friday at 4PM, you can hear our faculty members share their latest discoveries and insights from their research. If it is a physical seminar, it will take place at SBS Building, Classroom 1. Else, it will be conducted via Zoom.

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