Data Science

​The advent of AI-driven health analytics is giving rise to a new level of artificial intelligence technology applications in the health and medical domains. New diagnostic, analytic, educative and health behaviour modifications are now possible to tackle and delay the progression of chronic diseases. 

The objective of the Health Technologies research programme at LKCMedicine is to leverage such technologies towards the development of new predictive, preventive, personalised and participatory models of healthcare. We are driven by a mission to better the health of individuals and populations, sustainably.​ Singapore, along with other countries in Asia and Europe, is dealing with the complexity of fast-ageing populations. With the rising prevalence of chronic conditions, soaring healthcare costs, and a projected shortage of healthcare professionals, there is an urgent need for sustainable solutions. The Health Technologies research programme does not seek answers in more infrastructural development, but in the explication of health data and effective implementation of digital solutions such as digital therapeutics.

Moving away from the traditional model of episodic, reactionary healthcare, the programme agenda looks at delivering evidence-based solutions that are scalable, adaptable and sustainable, to address the immediate and future health needs of populations. We look towards enabling a model of healthcare services that delivers just-in-time interventional care using digital therapeutics that are personalised, caring, objective, precise, and provide remote, continuous monitoring. As boundaries between healthcare institutions and patients’ homes become obsolete or virtualised, the programme looks at opportunities for designing digital companions for patients, carers and health professionals to assist with communications, learning, data capture and decision-making.

The programme will leverage the Nanyang Technological University’s transdisciplinary strengths to leapfrog into new horizons of people-centric, human-machine symbiotic, technology-enabled healthcare. Join our faculty in the Health Technologies Research Programme now and draw on LKCMedicine’s unique capability in  Digital Health and Health Education, and its focus on translational research, its connectedness to the nation’s healthcare institutions and network of collaborating partners throughout the world, to collectively make a real difference in transforming our future in healthcare.

Primary Faculty

TEOH Swee Hin
​TEOH Swee Hin
Professor of Bioengineering​
Josip CAR​
Josip CAR
Professor of Digital Health Sciences
Wilson GOH
Wilson GOH
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics

Joint & Adjunct Faculty

  • ​​Sun Aixin (NTU School of Computer Science and Engineering)
  • Joty Shafiq Rayhan (NTU School of Computer Science and Engineering​)
  • Steven Thng (Skin Research Institute of Singapore)
  • Yen Choo (LKCMedicine)