Neuroscience & Mental Health

Director: George J. AUGUSTINE
Co-Directors: Mythily SUBRAMANIAM & Nagaendran KANDIAH

Understanding the brain is the greatest challenge in biomedical science and LKCMedicine has recruited an outstanding group of faculty to tackle this challenge. The research interests of our faculty range from the molecular biology of the brain up to human cognition and brain disorders. Our unifying research themes are neurodegenerative disorders, brain cell biology and neural circuits. Neuroscience and Mental Health faculty work in close collaboration at both the Clinical Sciences Building in Novena and within the Experimental Medicine Building at the NTU Main Campus. Our Co-Directors are based in the Institute for Mental Health and the National Neuroscience Institute, providing us with strong links to the premier clinical neuroscience institutions in Singapore.

The research efforts of our faculty are aided by interactions with our numerous joint and adjunct faculty who are based at other NTU Schools, as well as at other institutions within Singapore and around the world. Further, we benefit from the presence of state-of-the-art research facilities, including the NTU Cognitive Neuroimaging Centre, the Dementia Research Programme Collaboratorium, Brain Bank Singapore, advanced imaging facilities such as super-resolution and multi-photon microscopes, and excellent vivarium facilities for animal models such as rodents, non-human primates, and zebrafish.

Primary Faculty

George Augustine
Synaptic mechanisms 
& circuits​
Anna Barron

(Institute of Mental Health)

Anna Barron
Neurobiology of ageing 
& disease
Christine Cheung
Christine CHEUNG
Molecular & vascular 
Ch'ng Toh Hean
CH'NG Toh Hean
Neurobiology of 
long-term memory
Foo Jia Nee
FOO Jia Nee
Genetics & genomics of neurological diseases
Balázs Gulyás
Translational neuroscience
Suresh Jesuthasan
Brain states & behaviour
Tsukasa Kamigaki
Systems Neuroscience
Nagaendran Kandiah
Clinical-translational research in Alzheimer's Disease & Vascular Dementia 

Sarah Langley
Integrative Biology of Disease
Lim Kah Leong
LIM Kah Leong
Neurodegenerative disorders, especially Parkinson's Disease
Hiroshi Makino
Syst​ems neuroscience
Yasunori Saheki

Yasunori SAHEKI
Cell biology & molecular neuroscience

Joint & Adjunct Faculty

• CHEW Sing Yian (NTU School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering)
• FU Yu (Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research)
• Eyleen GOH (Singapore National Neuroscience Institute)
• Atsushi IRIKI (RIKEN)
• Christof KOCH (Allen Brain Institute)

Brain Disorders
• LU Jia (Singapore Defence Science Organisation)
• Paul MATTHEWS (Imperial College)
• Adeline NG (Singapore National Neuroscience Institute)
• Richard REYNOLDS (Imperial College London)
• TAN Chin Hong (NTU School of Social Sciences)
• TAN Eng King (Singapore National Neuroscience Institute)
• Crystal YEO (Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research)
• ZENG Li (Singapore National Neuroscience Institute)

Cognitive Science
• Annabel CHEN (NTU School of Social Sciences)
• Gianluca ESPOSITO (NTU School of Social Sciences)
• Ryo KITADA (NTU School of Social Sciences)
• Victoria LEONG (NTU School of Social Sciences)

Imaging Technologies
• James COLE (University College, London)
• Nicola FILIPPINI (Oxford University)
• Veikko JOUSMAKI (Aalto University)
• LIANG Kaicheng (Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research)
• Carl PATERSON (Imperial College London)
• John SUCKLING (Cambridge University)

Mental Health
• Ann Siow CHONG (Singapore Institute of Mental Health)
• CHUA Hong Choon (Singapore Institute of Mental Health)
• Jonathan FLINT (University of California, Los Angeles)
• Jimmy LEE (Singapore Institute of Mental Health)
• LIM Choon Guan (Singapore Institute of Mental Health)

Brain-Body Interactions
• Per-Olof BERGGREN (Karolinska Institute)
• George CHANDY (University of California, Irvine)
• Sven PETTERSSON (Singapore National Neuroscience Institute)