News: LKCMedicine draws big crowds at NTU Open House 2019

On March 2, 2019, LKCMedicine participated in the annual NTU Open House 2019, which this year saw an estimated 13,000 visitors, comprising mostly A-Level students and their parents, throng the spacious Yunnan Campus. The School made its presence felt with a booth at the School of Biological Sciences, and with outreach activities spaced out over three floors at the Experimental Medicine Building (EMB). 

Faculty, staff and students were on hand to field visitors’ questions on student life, dual campus, admission criteria, scholarships and financial aid, besides providing details about the MBBS programme and its strong links to Imperial College London. Scholarly Project posters by Year 4 students were also on display for visitors to have a better understanding of the LKCMedicine MBBS science- and research-based learning journey.

Visitors attended talks that gave an overview of LKCMedicine's innovative MBBS curriculum

At the EMB Learning Studio, visitors attended talks that gave an overview of LKCMedicine’s innovative MBBS curriculum. These talks by LKCMedicine Assistant Dean for Admissions Associate Professor Kwek Tong Kiat and Associate Professor Wong Teck Yee, Assistant Dean for Year 4 and Family Medicine were to a
full house. Each session was augmented with presentations by LKCMedicine students Lee Cheok Hon, Gabrielle Koh, Gabriel Tan, Brjan Kaiji Betzler, Grace Chua and Yeo Wei Ren, who generously shared
their experience of the engaging learning environment and outside-classroom activities. The talks ended with a lively Q&A with the Assistant Deans answering questions from an enthusiastic audience. 

“I hope that those who are considering the MBBS programme will know that life in LKCMedicine is not all about studying. The School is very supportive of students initiating activities that will develop our character and leadership skills too,” said Cheok Hon, who is looking forward to graduating this year.

Visitors were particularly intrigued by the teaching laboratory with interactive demonstrations at four stations. Many had a feel of the plastinated specimens used in anatomy teaching, after which they tried the ageing simulation suit that enabled them to feel what it was like to be an elderly person with mobility restrictions, joint stiffness and loss of strength. There was also no lack of participation from visitors who were keen to find out more about mitosis – a cell division process in the human body – and the
embryonic development of chicks. Those who were game enough to answer quizzes went home with LKCMedicine souvenirs such as pens, thumb drives and mouses.

Also on showcase at EMB was the School’s hallmark Team-Based Learning (TBL) pedagogy. Demo sessions were facilitated by faculty and students giving participants the opportunity to take part in an actual pre-class TBL assignment activity using iPads at the EMB Seminar Room. Assistant Director of Education Development and TBL Facilitator Emmanuel Tan said, “These sessions give visitors a good feel of what exactly TBL is, an innovative pedagogy that is well-received by our students.”