Editor's Corner: Flying the LKCMedicine's flag high

By Anne Loh, Editor, The LKCMedicine 

It’s been almost a year since LKCMedicine sent out its first batch of doctors into their first year as fully fledged medical staff in hospitals. We check back with some of them to see how their first year at work went, and what their supervisor had to say about them.

We profile a member of the pioneer leadership, Executive Vice-Dean of Strategic Affairs and International
Relations, Professor Lionel Lee upon his retirement. He tells us his most important accomplishments and his
continuing hopes for LKCMedicine.

Nanyang Assistant Professor Luo Dahai is one of LKCMedicine’s most promising young researchers, taking home the prestigious EMBO Young Investigator Award in 2017 and an NTU Nanyang Research Award (Young Investigator) the following year. He talks about what drives him in his research, his love for science and his work into flavivirus. 

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