Calculator Approval

Students are required to register/re-register their calculators with the School for examinations if there is a change of calculators or the seal on a previously registered calculator is broken. As such, the following arrangements have been made during term time for registration of calculators:

Time: 11am - 2pm
Venue: Level 4 Wee Kim Wee Student Service Centre

Please note that students who have previously registered their calculators, need not re-register them unless as stated above.

If your calculator model is not found in the approved list of calculators, please approach the School Office to get it assessed.

Foreign exchange/non-degree students are allowed to bring in electronic dictionaries into the exam hall. Students who intend to use electronic dictionaries must register the dictionaries and obtain a sticker prior to bringing them into the exam hall.

Please remember that all calculators that are brought into the exam halls are to have the School's seal on it.

Students are responsible for clearing any information and/or programs stored in the graphic calculators before the examination.