Student Support

We are committed to providing the best possible support and services to all our students – that starts even before orientation, and throughout your time at WKWSCI. Your WKWSCI journey starts long before you set foot here.

Making the transition to university life can be overwhelming for anyone. Whether it is getting used to a new environment, adjusting to a new style of learning, or needing financial advice, there is a range of support and services available to you at WKWSCI. Our team of academics and advisors will be with you all the way.

Struggling to cope?

Our dedicated student support team is here to point you in the right direction. You will be allocated an academic advisor, who will be happy to discuss any aspect of your academic career with you. 

WKWSCI Student Services Centre

For undergraduate students: [email protected]
For graduate (research) students: [email protected]
For graduate (coursework) students: [email protected]

We are always an email or a chat away if you’re experiencing distress in university life, whether psychologically, emotionally, physical or financially.

Student Club Advisor:
Keith Kok
[email protected]

Associate Chair (Student Life and Alumni):
Ms Nikki Draper
[email protected]

Student Care Manager:
Shalini Naidu
[email protected]

You may also contact the University Wellbeing Centre (UWC) at:
6790 4462 (office hours)
6904 7041 (after office hours, psychological emergency only)

For other emergency situations, please contact the NTU Campus Security at 6790 5200 (24-hour).

Click here for a full list of emergency contacts.

If you have concerns for the wellbeing of another student, please get in touch with one of us.

The university provides various financial assistance, including bursaries and loan grants.

Looking to work whilst studying? Most full-time undergraduate students are also able to undertake some part-time employment under NTU’s Work Study Scheme (WSS) to help offset day to day expenses.

Opportunities are provided for students in a wide-range of areas such as finance, marketing, administrative and events management, multi-media production, customer service, etc.

For more information on WSS opportunities at WKWSCI, please email [email protected]

We’re here to help make sure that you have the appropriate support to make the fullest of university life. Students with a disability or specific learning difficulties can speak to us about concerns on adapting to university life, or advice on assistive technology requirements.

We are committed to providing students with the most advanced equipment and resources.

Loan of IT/AV equipment:
Loan Counter, Basement 1, WKWSCI-B1-08
Media Resource Booking System
[email protected]

Booking of Facilities:
For modules and assignments
TV Studios and Audio Suites: [email protected]
Other facilities (WeeFit, classrooms, etc): [email protected]

For student life and other activities
[email protected]

Please submit all booking requests at least three working days before date of intended use.


Need help finding internships? Need a new photo for your resume before graduating? Looking for career advice? Check, check and check.

WKWSCI works closely with NTU’s Career Attachment Office to help you build vital workplace skills. We also maintain a central cache of internship and job opportunities for all our current and former students.

For more information on the WKWSCI Internship & Jobs portal, please email [email protected]