Your education at WKWSCI will give you a taste of what a genuine media environment demands. Upon graduation, you will be conferred the Bachelor of Communications Studies (Honours) degree. This qualification will put you in good stead to take on the real world. Our curriculum is designed to equip you with the necessary skills for a full range of careers. The job possibilities are endless, from strategic planning, advertising, analytics and public relations to journalism and media production.


Upon graduation from the MMC programme, students will be exposed to employment opportunities within the private sector and government institutions, both in Singapore and around the globe.

 Students may find themselves working in areas such as:

  • Corporate Communications,
  • Events and​ Outreach,
  • Branding,
  • Marketing & Promotions,
  • Media & Advertising,
  • Publicity, and
  • Social Media.

Employment is available with the private sector and government institutions, both in Singapore and around the globe. While the strategies and approaches to implementing KM vary between organisations, it is impossible to identify some generic roles that have been created to implement KM initiatives. 

It is important to note that particularly in small organisations, where the size does not warrant full time positions, KM responsibilities are added to existing roles.

Similarly, as KM is a multi-disciplinary subject, many jobs do not necessarily use the word Knowledge in their titles.

Graduates have a strong track record of employment in libraries, hospitals, universities, and other government as well as business organisations.

  • Library careers, such as Librarians, Children Librarians, Subject Librarians; 
  • Research careers such as Researchers, Research Associates, Research Manager, Advance to PhD Study - University Lecturers/Professors; 
  • Technology-related careers, such as: Project Managers, Information Architects, Data Visualisation Specialists, Business Analysts, Systems Analysts; and 
  • Information analytic-related careers such as Information Analysts, Social Media Analysts, Analytics Consultants, Statistical Specialists.

Graduates can explore paths directly related to the degree such as software engineering or development, data analytics, user experience design, system/database/network administration, project management, research and development, lecturing, education.

Career progressions include senior positions within the same path, such as management or consulting roles.