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There is much to be proud of our fellow alumni – you are a powerful network of professionals, thought leaders and trendsetters. You continue to chase your passion, push the boundaries and most of all, make a difference in a community where the past, present and future can collaborate to achieve creative excellence together.

 Our alumni network spans across the globe, establishing WKWSCI as a premier global institution where people are empowered to be changemakers anywhere in the world.



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Your experiences inspire others within the WKWSCI community.

WKWSCI takes great pride in its graduates. Our alumni are lifelong learners, innovators and game-changers looking to impact the world around them.

Read about the success stories of some of our alumni – their experiences and different paths they have taken.


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Do you have fond memories of WKWSCI? The good memories forged are only possible with the support of numerous others that have chipped in in one way or another. Imagine the collective difference we could make if everyone gave a few hours of their time or donated a small gift.

Together we can play a special part in shaping the future. A future where creativity drives change and passion inspires excellence.

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