Research Capabilities

External Grants
YearProject TitleFunding AgencyAward Amount
2020Border Crossings in Celluloid Asia: South Korea's Encounter with Sinophone Cinemas in Southeast AsiaAcademy of Korean Studies (Asst Prof Lee Sang Joon)S$28,120.96
2020Consumers' implicit and explicit responses to sensory cues in alternate protein foods: A cross-cultural investigationA*Star (Prof May Oo Lwin)S$203,280.00
2020PIONEERS: Public Opinion of Nuclear Energy and other Energy SourcesNRF (Prof Shirley Ho)S$697,500.00
2020Anonymizing Driver and Passenger DataGrabtaxi Holdings (Prof Theng Yin Leng)S$120,000.00
2020Media communication, online falsehoods and population responses surrounding the novel coronavirus disease crisis (COVID-19) in SingaporeNMRC, (Prof May Oo Lwin)S$275,400.00
2020Sustainment, Development and Enhancement of a Mobile Surveillance System for Vector-Borne Diseases: Mo-Buzz+Tides Foundation, (Prof May Oo Lwin)S$151,673.59
2020Littering – Reducing Litter through Group CompetitionNRF (Asst Prof Sonny Rosenthal)S$542,929.90
2020Modelling and analytics for the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Singapore (COVID19RF-004)MOH (Prof May Oo Lwin)S$140,000.00
2019Defining, Determining, and Dealing with Deliberate Online Falsehoods in SingaporeMOE-SSRTG (Assoc Prof Edson Tandoc)S$385,984.00
2019Is Correction Fluid? How to Make Fact-Checks On WhatsApp More EffectiveWhatsApp
(Assoc Prof Edson C. Tandoc Jr.)
2018Virtual and augmented reality training systems for the elderly in SingaporeWDARF
(Prof Jung YounBo)
2018Preventing obesity-related diseases from young: Evaluating the longitudinal impact of multimedia intervention in promoting self-regulation of calorie consumption in childrenMOH-NMRC
(Prof May Oo Lwin)
2018Home First Study: Information Seeking Behaviour on Ageing WellAIC
(A/Prof Alton Chua)
2018Mobile gamification strategies to manage online emergence of nativismMOE, Tier 2
(Assoc Prof Arul Chib)


MOE Tier 1
YearProject TitleFunding AgencyAward Amount
2020The Social Laboratory of Apps: Tech, Everyday Life and Trust from Mobiles to Internet of ThingsMOE, Tier 1 (Prof Gerard Goggin)S$88,316.28
2020An Investigation of the antecedents and user responses to the personalization-privacy paradox of the Internet of ThingsMOE, Tier 1 (Asst Prof Kang Hyunjin)S$83,737.80
2020Using public opinion to reach common ground on a contentious social issue: Attitudes toward lesbians and gays in Singapore 2005-2020MOE, Tier 1 (Assoc Prof Benjamin DetenberS$89,478.00
2020Us and AI: Public Opinion on Artificial Intelligence in a Post-Trust EraMOE, Tier 1 (Asst Prof Saifuddin Ahmed)S$84,498.50
2019Framework for the Sustainability and Viability of Media in Small StatesMOE, Tier 1 (Prof Ang Peng Hwa)S$82,450.00
2019Social oil and social glue: Sharing news on smartphones as ritualised performances of self and community, and its impact on society.MOE, Tier 1 (Asst Prof Duff Andrew Micheal)S$59,500.00
2019Redefining Parasocial Relationship in Social Media Marketing and Ensuring Adequate Consumer ProtectionMOE, Tier 1 (Asst Prof Chen Lou)S$66,640.00
2019Public Practices and Misconceptions Surrounding Antimicrobial-Related Behaviors in SingaporeMOE, Tier 1 (Prof May Oo Lwin)S$84,541.00
2019Fake vs. fact: The rise of fact-checking in AsiaMOE, Tier 1
(Assoc Prof Edson C. Tandoc Jr.)
2019U.S. Propaganda and the Cultural Cold War in AsiaMOE, Tier 1
(Asst Prof Lee Sang Joon)
2018Motivating physical activity among elderly Singaporeans: The role of fitness tracking and social contextMOE, Tier 1
(Prof Richard Seyler Ling)
2018Science Communication on Social Media: Investigating the Roles of Spokesperson Credibility, Issue Controversy, and Discourse Civility on Public Perceptions of Science & TechnologyMOE, Tier 1
(Assoc Prof Shirley Ho Soo Yee)
2018Broadening minds through intergroup contact: A test of a new scale for representative thinkingMOE, Tier 1
(Asst Prof Nuri Kim)
2018Social responses to virtual FinTech agents: Social presence of virtual FinTech agents and its implications on people's everyday financial activitiesMOE, Tier 1
(Prof Kwan Min Lee)
2018‘SynBio & Singapore’: convergent research cases to prioritize public engagement and promote policy-makingMOE, Tier 1
(Asst Prof Christopher L. Cummings)
2018Toward a Comprehensive Theory of Defensive Resistance in Health CommunicationMOE, Tier 1
(Asst Prof Kim Hye Kyung)