SOPs, Forms and Checklists

All Occupational Safety & Health Management Topics (Master List)
SPMS OSHMS Document List
Chemical Exposure MonitoringQualitative Assessment Form
Chemical Inventory Declaration FormChemical Inventory Declaration Form

Contractor Management Forms


Contractor to fill and return to you (the person in charge of the vendor/project:
Pre-qualification and Evaluation of Contractor - For Contractor

To be complete by you (person in charge of the vendor/project):
Pre-qualification and Evaluation of Contractor - For Sch and Dept use

For both you and the contractor representative to acknowledge:
Contractor's Safety Briefing Form

Contractor Handbook to be issued to vendor to read:
NTU Contractor Safety Handbook

To be completed by you when vendor has completed their project:
Contractor Safety Performance Evaluation

Corrective/Preventive Action Request (C/PAR) formSPMS C/PAR form
Crane Lifting OperationPermit-To-Work Form
Lifting Plan
Electrical safety checklist (on equipment drawing high current)Electrical Safety Checklist
Equipment Lockout/TagoutRecord of LOTO Performed
First Aid Box InspectionRecord of First Aid Treatment
First Aid Box Monthly Inspection Checklist
Hot Work PermitHot Work Permit
Immunization Form

User Vaccination Register Template

Fitness for Vaccination form

Incident Investigation FormInvestigation report
Medical Surveillance FormNEA Medical Certificate for Laser Operator (For Class 3b & Class 4 laser)
NEA Medical Certificate for Radiation Users Licences (For L5, L6, R1 licences)
Self Assessment Checklist & Fitness Declaration Form
Certificate of Fitness
Register of Hazardous Activities Templates (Samples)
Office/Laboratory Take Over and Exit ClearanceOffice/Laboratory Take Over and Exit Clearance Form
Risk Assessment Form
(For Assocate Domian Account User only)
Risk Assessment Form
Safety Inspection FormWorkplace Safety Inspection Checklist
Safety Leader Role and ResponsibilitiesSafety Leader Role and Responsibilities
SWP Template (for lab level)SWP Template
Work at HeightNTU Work at Height (WAH) Permit
Working Overnight/Weekend at Lab FacilitiesOnline Application - Working overnight/weekend at lab facilities form
Workplace Noise AssessmentBaseline Noise Measurement Form
Checklist for Training and Education Content for Noise Monitoring
Noise Monitoring Report