The Cryogenic Helium ​Reliquefier Facility (CryoHeRe) provides helium reliquefaction and liquid helium (LHe) drawing services to SPMS researchers and other users.

In order to purchase LHe from CryoHeRe, individual Principal Investigators (PIs) must install helium gas recovery piping systems in their laboratories. Please contact our facility staff for recommendation of contractor as well as evaluation of your recovery needs, upon request.

The facility will reimburse you for the recovered helium gas at 30% of the prevailing market rate (SGD$ 12.00 per liquid litre equivalent as of Jan 2023).

Click here for the LHe order form​​. The order must be placed at least 5 working days in advance, and the order form must be approved by the Principal Investigator (PI).

You will be charged for the LHe at the prevailing market rate (e.g. SGD$ 40.00 per liquid litre as of Jan 2023).

During the first five LHe transfers, our facility staff will train your staff/students in how to perform the recovery. Seasoned staff/students may assist new staff/students in performing good recovery practices. However, our facility staff must be present for the first few transfers made by new staff/students regardless of the presence of seasoned staff/students.

Please note that we do not have many LHe dewars, thus you must return the dewar as soon as the transfer is complete (even if there is still a lot of LHe left in the dewar); our staff will measure and account for the amount of LHe returned.

A penalty of SGD$ 200 will be incurred if the 100L dewar is returned warm (there must be at least 5 liters of LHe left in the dewar). Please take note that the penalty for our 250L dewar will be adjusted accordingly to SGD$ 500. Before you start the LHe transfer, please pull the LHe transfer line up by 1-2 inches once it hits the bottom. This will ensure LHe left in the dewar at the end of your transfer.

Dr Chen Xiuying
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +65 6970 1802