Job Openings

The Division of Physics and Applied Physics is looking to hire research and academic staff. Please refer to the following table for a list of current job openings. Other openings not listed here might be found on the websites of individual faculty members.

PositionLinkHiring Manager
Assistant Professor in Theoretical and Computational Plasma PhysicsR00007049-
Senior Research Fellow
(Low temperature scanning tunneling spectroscopy)
R00011938Bent Weber
Senior Research Fellow
(Low-temperature scanning tunneling spectroscopy)
R00012154Bent Weber
Research Fellow
(Quantum Sensing)
R00010426Gao Weibo
Research Fellow
(Spin qubit in diamond)
R00010422Gao Weibo
Research Fellow
(Silicon Quantum Computing)
R00012123Koh Teck Seng
Research Fellow
(Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy)
R00011226Phan Anh Tuan
Research Fellow
(Zn-Air Batteries)
R00009506Shen Zexiang
Research Fellow
(Superconducting Nanowire Single Photon Detectors - SNSPD)
R00012334Cesare Soci
Research Assistant
(Quantum Photonics)
R00011832Gao Weibo
Project Officer
(Quantum Technology)
R00009955Lan Shau-Yu
Project Officer
(Quantum Thermodynamics/Many-body Physics)
R00010636Nelly Ng
Project Officer
R00011921Phan Anh Tuan
PhD Student
(Quantum Sensors/Quantum Computing/Atomtronics)
DetailsRainer Helmut Dumke
PhD Student & Research Fellow
(Condensed Matter Theory)
DetailsYang Bo