MSc in Physics

The MSc in Physics programme combines advanced coursework with an experience in conducting original research in physics and applied physics. (The Division also offers the MSc in Precision Scientific Instrumentation programme, which is purely coursework-based.)

Admission Requirements

Applicants to the MSc in Physics programme must satisfy the following criteria:

  • BSc in Physics or a related discipline. If the university has an honours system, at least second-upper class honours, or the equivalent, is required.
  • International applicants must have either GRE General Test scores or GATE scores. A GRE subject score in Physics is welcome but not required.
  • International applicants who are not native English speakers must have TOEFL scores or IETLS scores.

If you are unable to take the GRE/GATE or TOEFL/IETLS for some reason, it may be possible for you to take alternative evaluation tests administered by the School. Please ask your prospective supervisor (see below) for more information.

There are two application periods each year: October to January (for admission in August), and June to July (for admission in January). Most students are admitted during the first period.

For more information about admission procedures, including the list of required supporting documents and application fees, please visit the NTU Graduate Admissions page.

Before you begin to apply, you should contact the faculty member(s) whom you are interested in working with, and ask if they are interested to be your research supervisor. Graduate students are admitted into the Division of Physics and Applied Physics only if a faculty member agrees to be the research supervisor. Click here for our list of faculty members.

The faculty member(s) whom you contact may require you to give additional details about your educational and research background. Once a faculty member has agreed to accept you as a graduate student, you may start the formal application process.

Graduation Requirements

The MSc programme has a minimum candidature period of 1 year, and a maximum of 3 years.

Students must complete 12 AU of 7XX courses, including at least one PAP7XX (graduate-level physics) course. To take courses offered outside the Division of Physics and Applied Physics, permission must be sought in advance from the school.

Courses taken to fulfill the coursework requirements must be taken on a letter grade basis. MSc students must maintain a minimum CGPA of 3.0.

Other graduation requirements are:

  • Seminar attendance of at least 5 seminars per semester
  • Completion of SPMS Research Integrity Course
  • Completion of the online NTU Epigeum Research Integrity Course
  • Completion of Scholarly Communication and Impact workshop

Students must also write a research thesis. The thesis procedure and requirements are the same as that for PhD students, but are usually of more limited scope than PhD theses, and are evaluated by two rather than three examiners.