Student Activities

The various committees of the LKCMedSoc organise various events throughout the year in order to provide students with exciting and meaningful experiences outside of their academic work. Activities such as Peanut Butter and Jam, Surf’s Up and Inter-house games serve to facilitate bonding within batches and also between batches of students. Furthermore, academic teachings and student-organised mock examinations supplement students’ academic development in school.

November 2020

LKCMedicine Interhouse Cup 2020

On 9 November, the LKCMedicine Interhouse Cup (IHC) Mania was held on Zoom. Through games like Kahoot! and Among Us, students battled against each other in their house families to earn points for their houses. The first IHC event of 2020 was held virtually in light of Covid-19, but this restriction did not stop students across all levels from coming together to bond over online gaming. This also gave house tutors the opportunity to join in the fun and games from their various workplaces. The organisers hope that the participants enjoyed IHC Mania and are looking forward to the next edition!


February 2020

Mock OSCE Examiner Training 2020 

Throughout the academic year, the Academic Committee headed by Year 4 student Lee Vint Seng Hein Lin Htut organises a Mock OSCE for each batch of students from Year 2 – Year 5. To ensure that these Mock OSCEs are conducted at a high standard, Mock OSCE Examiner Training (MOET) is conducted as a precursor event to provide a pool of trained examiners. This is the second academic year in which MOET is being run. MOET identifies students who will serve as future examiners in the various Mock OSCEs, and subsequently trains them to grade candidates fairly and consistently. The student examiners are briefed by faculty on how an OSCE is conducted – including the process of planning OSCE stations, setting a marking rubric, how and why a domain based marking scheme is used, calibration and standardisation of patients and examiners before the OSCE begins, and how the passing mark for each station is determined.

This year, each participant in MOET was exposed to all the various station types (History, Physical Examination, Counselling), more than the range available last year. Additionally, the station tasks were pegged appropriately to the level of the participant. This allowed for a broader experience and makes for more versatile student examiners.


January 2020

Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group (EM SIG) Sub-specialty talk

On 22 January, students interested in Emergency Medicine gathered for the EM SIG Sub-specialty Talk. Dr Chiu Li Qi, Dr Nursuhairi and Dr Daniel Quek, who are consultants in the Tan Tock Seng Hospital Emergency Department were invited to share more about their sub-specialties of Trauma, Toxicology and Critical Care respectively. They passionately shared about their clinical interests in the context of Emergency Medicine and how their sub-specialties played a role in a team-based setting of a busy shift. The session concluded with a candid Q&A session where the speakers engaged the participants and answered their questions on residency and how best to prepare for it. 




December 2019 

Christmas Celebrations for LKCMedicine Students

On December 16 and 17, the Arts and Culture Committee organised a Christmas celebration for LKCMedicine Year 1 and 2 students. Donning red and green, students enthusiastically took part in a variety of activities including a Kahoot quiz on Christmas traditions and Don’t Forget the Lyrics competition. Indulging in the festivities of Christmas, cookies were also given out to every Team-Based Learning group which all students thoroughly enjoyed. Last but not least, students had a chance to take photos at the photobooth set up in the Learning Studio as souvenirs of this memorable day. 


November 2019 

Neurosurgery Sharing Session​

On 25 November, the LKCMedicine Students’ Surgical Society invited Adjunct Assistant Professor Jai Rao, Head of the Neurosurgery Service at Changi General Hospital and Programme Director of the neurosurgery residency programme, to share more about life in neurosurgery with the students. Joining Prof Jai were his colleagues, Dr Lester Lee, Dr Julian Han, and Dr Chen Min Wei, who shared their personal experiences during their neurosurgery training. The sharing session gave students a glimpse into the neurosurgery residency programme, as well as the triumphs and challenges they can expect to face pursuing a career in this surgical speciality.


November 2019

Internal Medicine Student Interest Group Speaker Series

On November 22, the Internal Medicine Student Interest Group (IM SIG) organised a sharing session so that students interested in IM could learn more about the speciality and also get to know the respective Sponsoring institutions (SIs) for future collaboration. The invited speakers, Dr Regina Lim (Renal), Dr Lee Pei Xi (Infectious Diseases), and Dr Chong Lip Leong (Haematology) gave students an insight into what their sub-speciality entails, what inspired them to pick that sub-speciality, and the most fulfilling and rewarding part of their jobs. Students were able to clarify with the residents any queries they had about the sub-specialities that they were interested in, and to engage with the speakers in an informal setting, during the interactive session.  


October 2019

NUHS General Surgery Gathering

On Oct 15, the previous LKCMedicine surgical society head, Dr Leong Kwong Fei, returned to LKCMedicine's Clinical Sciences Building to share the unique aspects of the General Surgery (GS) specialty. Currently a Medical Officer at the National University Health System GS department, Dr Leong also provided a short tutorial in GS topics.

During the session, participating students caught a glimpse into a typical day in the life of a resident and junior doctor including the work hours and job expectations. They were also able to better understand the residency system from personal experiences of the residents and consultants. A Q&A session was held where Dr Leong answered questions related to the being a doctor and the residency program. ​ 


LKCMedicine Paediatrics Special Interest Group holds sharing session on Year 5 electives

On Oct 10, the LKCMedicine Paediatrics Special Interest Group (SIG) held a paediatrics elective sharing session at CSB Seminar Room 7-1. The session aimed at providing Year 3 & 4 students who may be interested in Paediatrics more information about elective opportunities in this medical speciality so they may make informed choices for their elective applications. During the session, four LKCMedicine Year 5 students, Candice Loh, Shafiqah bte Shahrin, Stanley Low and Teo Tong Lin, gave the attendees an overview about paediatrics as an elective and shared their attachment experiences in the Paediatrics wards in Singapore and abroad. They also gave tips on how best students can make use of their elective/selective opportunities to learn more about the country’s healthcare system and the various specialities available. The sharing session concluded with a lively Q&A which enabled the juniors to interact with the seniors and clarify their doubts regarding the application process.


September 2019 

6th LKCMedicine Students’ Medical Society: Introduction to Emergency Medicine 2019

On Sept 9, 40 LKCMedicine students attended the talk “Introduction to Emergency Medicine 2019”, by speaker Dr Daniel Quek, Consultant with Tan Tock Seng Hospital Emergency Department. The talk is organised annually by Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group (EM SIG). During the talk, Dr Quek shared in depth about the experiences and expectations of the emergency medicine residency and the critical components required for the completion of the training programme. Students gained a clearer understanding of the attributes required to succeed in the emergency medicine residency and the career path of an emergency physician, through the comprehensive presentation, personal insights of speaker during sharing session and Q&A dialogue.


September 2019 

Children's Day Celebration

The Arts and Culture (A&C) Committee organised a Children’s Day Celebration for LKCMedicine Year 1 and 2 students. The celebration involved a game show during which the students reminisced their favourite cartoon shows. This involved students guessing the cartoon shows based on the theme songs played while naming the cartoon characters shown on the slides. The scores of the teams were tabulated and the highest scoring team won snacks. Students were told to dress in their secondary or JC school uniforms. A photobooth was also prepared for the students to take pictures.

In addition, the students enjoyed a variety of their favourite childhood snacks. Some snacks were also left in the student lounge for the Year 3 to 5 students to enjoy whom we were unable to organise a game show for due to their varied schedules in clinicals.


August 2019 

Family Medicine Extravaganza

The Family Medicine Extravaganza (FME) is an annual event organised by students across all three local medical schools and the Joint Committee of Family Medicine Singapore. Themed "Family Physicians of Tomorrow", FME was hosted by LKCMedicine at the Clinical Sciences Building on the evening of Aug 30.

Attended by over 180 medical students and doctors, the programme began with keynote speeches delivered by family physicians from various practice settings and backgrounds. Dr Ruth Lim who is Ministry of Health Director for Primary & Community Care spoke about the changing landscape of how Family Medicine is being practiced in Singapore, and what medical students should anticipate in the future. Dr Siaw Tung Yeng, Founder and Chief Eexecutive Officer of MaNaDr gave an overview of innovations in information technology that provide solutions to healthcare both locally and throughout ASEAN. Finally, Dr Tan Poh Kiang, HCA Hospice Care President and JurongHealth Medifund Committee Chairman shared his journey in becoming a family physician and his calling to serve in the area of community palliative care.

This was followed by a panel discussion with the programme directors, core faculty and trainees from Family Medicine Residency Programmes of NHG, NUHS and SHS, as well as the Masters of Medicine (Family Medicine) Programme offered by the College of Family Physicians Singapore. Panellists shared about the training structure of each programme and qualities enabling one to excel as a trainee.


August 2019 

LKCMedSoc National Day Celebrations 

On August 6 and 7, LKCMedicine Year 1 and 2 students celebrated National Day. Donning red and white, students too​k part in the celebrations, which included a selection of local snacks, a Kahoot! quiz on Singapore’s history and a Don’t Forget the Lyrics competition to showcase their love for National Day songs. The festivities ended with the students using the photobooth set up in the Learning Studio tom commemorate National Day. The most enthusiastic teams for the quiz and Don’t Forget the Lyrics Competition were awarded with prizes.


June 2019 

A dazzling time at annual dinner & dance 

The LKCMedicine Students’ Medical Society (LKCMedSoc) hosted the Students’ Dinner and Dance 2019 for all students and faculty members at Chijmes Hall on June 6. Themed “Crazy Rich Asians”, the night saw attendees partaking in good food and a variety of activities including games, musical performances, a magic act and a photobooth.  

The annual event which was usually held at the start of the Academic Year (AY) in August, was held at the end of the AY, as a celebration of students’ achievements for the entire AY. The change was well received, with everyone in good spirits, brought about by their enthusiastic participation in the night’s activities.

After the welcome address by LKCMedSoc President Gabriel Tan and Vice-Dean for Education Professor Naomi Low-Beer, attendees participated in games such as Who am I?Minute to Win it and Kahoot. The Class of 2023 also showcased their musical talent by putting on singing and dancing performances. A highlight of the event was the photobooth booth where photographs taken were posted on Instagram and printed copies were shared among attendees.

LKCMedicine Students’ Dinner and Dance 2019 was a success and capped off an amazing year for the LKCMedicine family!


April 2019 

LKCMedSoc April Fool's Celebration

In the first week of April, Year 1 and 2 students celebrated April Fools’ with joyous and fun-filled activities organised by the Arts and Culture Committee. After a long day of class, Year 1 and Year 2 students were able to let loose and joke around with a light-hearted modified game of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ where a random question would be posted for the students to see. Teams would then post their funniest response and vote for the best response! The self-generated humour made for many comical responses that fitted well with the rest of their classmates. Snacks were also provided for the students. The celebration came to a close with students posing and joking around while taking funny and creative pictures with their teams at the photobooth set up.


March 2019

LKCMedicine at NTU Open House 2019

On March 2, LKCMedicine made its presence felt at the NTU Open House with a booth at the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) and at the Experimental Medic

At the EMB Learning Studio, the visitors attended talks that gave an overview of the innovative MBBS curriculum. These full-house talks were presented by LKCMedicine Assistant Dean for Admissions Associate Professor Kwek Tong Kiat and Associate Professor Wong Teck Yee, Assistant Dean for Year 4 & Family Medicine. These talks were complemented by presentations by LKCMedicine students Lee Cheok Hon, Gabrielle Koh, Gabriel Tan, Brjan Kaiji Betzler, Grace Chua and Yeo Wei Ren, who generously shared their experience of the engaging learning environment and outside-classroom activities. The talks ended with a lively Q&A with the Assistant Deans fielding questions from an enthusiastic audience.

Visitors thronged the Collaboration Space and were intrigued by the teaching laboratory with interactive demonstrations at four stations.



March 2019

High Energy at Peanut Butter and Jam 2019 

On March 1, students across all five Years as well as LKCMedicine staff and their families came together at the Multi-Purpose Hall in CSB to celebrate the various talents displayed at the annual Peanut Butter and Jam (PBnJ) 2019. The programme boasted amazing performances with acts ranging from bands to dances and singing. Breathtaking songs were performed by Shaf, Jin and Elena, while there was lively Broadway-like dramatic singing by the Quirky Quilts. In addition to the usual performances, a jaw-dropping beatboxing showdown was performed by the MEDronomes. Aside from pop music, the audience had the pleasure of listening to classical music played by the Shostakovich Trio – comprising Gwyneth on the harp, Jonathan on the cello, and Christopher on the violin. The LKCMedicine house tutors even put together a dance-and-acting video which greatly entertained and captivated the audience.

With the theme of this year’s PBnJ being “Starry Nights”, the MPH was decorated to evoke a magical and homely atmosphere. Pictures of the students taken over the years in activities such as Inter-House Games and other Arts and Culture Events were attached to the strings of the floating helium balloons so that students could have fun going around trying to spot themselves in these photos. Bean bags, pillows and sofas were brought from the House Rooms to create a cosy and comfortable environment at MPH. 

In light of the long night ahead, the PBnJ Organising Committee prepared an array of snacks and packet drinks for the audience to nibble on during the show, aside from the dinner buffet. The NTU Concert Engineers were hired to manage the sound system and ensure that the performers could showcase the best of their abilities and that the performances ran smoothly. The night ended on a high with LKCMedicine’s very own a cappella group, Medlee, performing songs from High School Musical television series. It was a night of fun and bonding for the LKCMedicine family – students, staff and faculty – and served well to showcase the many talents beyond the academic.


March 2019

Temasek JC students discover more about MBBS 

On March 7, more than 250 students from Temasek Junior College (TJC) enquired enthusiastically about the LKCMedicine MBBS programme at the JC’s Education & Career Fair. More than a thousand students from JC1 and JC2 attended the event which saw 35 educational institutions and organisations participating. The students were particularly interested to know more about the admission criteria, selection process, the Biomedical Admission Test and the Team-based Learning system. Staff from the Education Management and Communications & Outreach departments also provided an overview of the five-year MBBS programme and emphasised the strong links with Imperial College London.​



May 2018

 Prof Jenny Higham Collaboration Award Presentation Ceremony

On May 11, LKCMedicine held its inaugural Prof Jenny Higham Collaboration Award Presentation Ceremony at CSB Seminar Room 7-2. A live telecast of the event was also screened at LKCMedicine London Office Boardroom. The Professor Jenny Higham Collaboration Award aims to encourage both LKCMedicine and Imperial students to initiate and undertake innovative cross-border pursuits including activities on community involvement or humanitarian projects and medical education research. The event began with an opening address by LKCMedicine Dean Prof James Best. This was followed by presentations from six teams who won the award last academic year. For this academic year 2017-2018, two teams – OCIP Project Kyannmar led by LKCMedicine Year 1 student Ian Koh and OCIP Project Saukya led by Year 2 student Tag Wan Yi – were presented with the Professor Jenny Higham Collaboration Award. The evening concluded with a closing address by LKCMedicine Visiting Professor Jenny Higham.


April 2018

LKCMedicine Anatomy Challenge 2018

On April 21, the second edition of the LKCMedicine Anatomy Challenge saw 206 pre-university students from 19 junior colleges and polytechnics pit their knowledge of human anatomy against each other to win team and individual prizes at the CSB Auditorium. Nanyang Polytechnic’s (NYP) School of Health Sciences students Milton Lew and Deborah Lee were the biggest winners, part of the top team while earning first and second spots in the individual categories respectively, outplaying teams from Hwa Chong Institution (HCI), River Valley High School (RVHS) and Singapore Polytechnic (SP). Organised and run by LKCMedicine students, the day’s event began with a welcome address by LKCMedicine Year 2 student and organising committee chairperson Marc Dany. After Marc’s address, Guest-of-Honour Professor Raj Mohan Nambiar, an esteemed visiting consultant surgeon at various public hospitals, delivered the opening address before the participants sat for the gruelling 40 multiple-choice question individual challenge. 

After the individual challenge, LKCMedicine Visiting Professor and Warwick Medical School Emeritus Professor of Clinical Anatomy Peter Abrahams delivered the keynote address. During lunch break, participants enjoyed interactive demonstrations of the high-tech, multi-modality anatomy teaching adopted by LKCMedicine, including plastinated specimens, the Anatomage Table and clinical imaging technologies such as ultrasound at the Anatomy Learning Centre. There were also interactive displays on ageing simulation and rehabilitation by allied health partners. The team challenge then took place in Auditorium where the top five teams – two teams from NYP, one each from HCI, SP and RVHS – competed in a gameshow-style quiz. Before the revealing the results of the team challenge, LKCMedicine Dean Prof James Best delivered a short address, in which he reiterated anatomy’s fundamental role in medicine. The event concluded with a prize-giving ceremony.

LKCMedSoc Staff Appreciation

On April 11, the LKCMedSoc Arts and Culture committee gave out hampers and personalised message boards to the School’s Corporate Affairs and Medical Education offices as part of their staff appreciation initiative. This initiative is an extension of the appreciation event LKCMedSoc organised for the School’s contracted vendors for their hard work in maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment for the School on April 4.

Appreciation night for School’s contracted vendors

On April 4, LKCMedSoc organised an appreciation event for the School’s contracted vendors – SMM and Koh Bus Transport Service – at the CSB Seminar Room 7-1. The evening began with an informal dinner reception during which students from various cohorts mingled with 20 staff comprising security officers, cleaners, bus drivers and technicians. The main event kicked off with a performance by acapella group MedLee, followed by an appreciation video. Year 4 student and LKCMedSoc Vice-President Brian Ho also gave a speech in which he thanked the guests for their hard work in maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment for the School. The event concluded with the distribution of goodie bags and handmade cards to the staff. 

April Fool’s Day 2018

On April 2 and 3, the LKCMedSoc Arts & Culture committee celebrated April Fools’ Day with the Year 1 and 2 students after their TBL lessons at the EMB Learning Studio and CSB Learning Studio respectively. During the celebrations, students participated in a variety of activities including a Kahoot! quiz, joke-telling competition and photo-taking competition, which saw them lay their hands on prizes including shopping vouchers. 


March 2018

1st student-organised health screening

​Over the two mornings of March 24 and 25, some 80 LKCMedicine Year 1 to 4 students, together with NHG and Pek Kio Community Centre, screened 300 residents over the age of 40 living in the Pek Kio neighbourhood, exceeding their target of 200. This was the first community health screening organised by LKCMedicine students, and the first such event to include a mental wellness assessment in addition to standard functional and physical tests. Driven by a desire to help tackle prevalent issues like chronic diseases, susceptibility to injuries, illnesses and psychosocial issues, the health screening took a year of careful planning by the students. To prepare for the health screening, the students had to undergo training by experts from IMH on mental and from the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) on how to brief residents on the use of the Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) kits. In addition to the functional, physical and mental assessments, students offered free colorectal cancer screening kits for residents to take home and signed them up for flu vaccination, mammograms and pap smears, which will be provided by Mount Alvernia Hospital and SCS over the next few months. On Day 2, Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC Mr Melvin Yong stopped by and interacted with the students and residents. To continue this effort of bringing public health screening closer to residents and improve community health, Mr Yong also announced on his Facebook page that Pek Kio Community Centre will be launching its Community Health Post next month to help residents with their health screening reports and referrals where needed. 

Talk on “Empathetic communication at end of life – nature or nurture?”

On March 9, the LKCMedSoc Internal Medicine Student Interest Group (SIG) held its second talk at the CSB Seminar Room 5-1, which was attended by 30 students from various cohorts. The Internal Medicine SIG invited TTSH Consultant for Palliative Medicine and LKCMedicine Asst Prof Neo Han Yee to give a talk on “Empathetic communication at end of life – nature or nurture?”. During his talk, Asst Prof Neo gave tips and insights about how to broach the topic of end-of-life care choices with patients and their loved ones. Attendees also took part in a role-play exercise based on several commonly encountered scenarios.

LKCMedicine Seniors’ Camp 2018

On March 4, 60 LKCMedicine students from various cohorts gathered at EMB for the annual Seniors’ Camp. Over the course of two days, the participants travelled to several locations including Sentosa, the School’s Novena Campus and the NTU Sports & Recreation Centre, to test a variety of team-building games such as aqua quidditch, beach wars, human foosball, for the upcoming Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP). It was a fun-filled event and the FOP organising committee obtained constructive feedback on how to improve on the programme.

Peanut Butter & Jam 2018

On March 2, 150 LKCMedicine students, faculty, staff and their families gathered at the MPH for the annual Peanut Butter and Jam. The event, which showcases the diverse talents of the School community, featured a line-up of performances from dance numbers and singing to beatboxing, pop & rock bands and a skit which was put on by the House Tutors. During the event, attendees also indulged in a variety of snacks including candy floss and popcorn. It was an evening of fun and bonding for the whole LKCMedicine family.



February 2018

LKCMedicine Anaesthetia Night

On February 23, LKCMedicine Lead for Anaesthesia Assoc Prof See Jee Jian and House Tutor Dr Nelson Chua gave a presentation about their experiences and perspectives on the use of anaesthesia in medicine to 30 LKCMedicine students from various cohort at the HQ Seminar Room. Organised by the LKCMedSoc Anaesthesia Student Interest Group, Assoc Prof See and Dr Chua also talked about what their role as an anaesthetist means to them and the challenges they face. The session was insightful and answered students’ queries about this specialty


Student Interest Groups (SIG)

Student Interest Groups (SIG) serve as a platform for students with like-minded goals and passions to come together to pursue these interests together. They do so through organising various events and workshops for their members in their respective fields. Be it Careers-related or Activity-related Interest Groups, SIGs play an important role in helping our students develop themselves professionally and holistically during their time here in LKCMedicine.

Name of SIGDescription of SIG
LKCrewsStudent-led dance group found in 2020 to foster interest and develop dance techniques
MedLeeStudent-led Acapella group
Radiology Student Interest GroupThe LKCMedicine RadioSIG serves as a community for students who are interested in radiology and its related fields. It strives to increase students’ exposure to radiology, both academically through student-initiated workshops and tutorials, as well as career-wise through the hosting of interactive group sessions between hospital radiologists and students.
Surgical SocietyThe LKCMedicine Surgical Society is a student interest group for all surgical disciplines, founded with the intention to share information about surgical specialties and their residency programmes in Singapore. It organizes workshops for skills such as suturing and surgical instruments, as well as career evenings to network with current surgical residents and learn more about their experiences in residency.
Anaesthesia SocietyThe LKCMedicine Anaesthesia SIG is a student interest group that aims to serve as an avenue for LKCMedicine students to explore the exciting field of anaesthesiology, critical care medicine and pain medicine. It hopes to highlight and promote appreciation for the important and diverse roles that anaesthetists play in the hospital ecosystem. It also aims to provide a platform for interaction between students and professionals, allowing members to gain greater insights into anaesthesiology residency and future career paths as a specialist.
Emergency Medicine Student Interest GroupLKCMedicine Emergency Medicine (EMed) SIG serves to bring together students with an interest in EMed. It aims to broaden students' exposure to the residency through a wide variety of student-initiated events, ultimately helping to further students' interest in EMed and understand what a career in EMed entails.
Family Medicine Student Interest GroupThe Family Medicine SIG was established to promote greater awareness of family medicine amongst students. It seeks to bridge the gap between students and doctors through networking sessions to allow students to better understand the roles and demands of a family physician. Valuable research opportunities are also offered to its members to cultivate their interests in the specialty and for members to contribute to the ever-growing field of family medicine research.
Internal Medicine Student Interest GroupThe LKCMedicine IM SIG is a student interest group with the aims of creating a shared platform for like-minded students interested in IM to gain a better understanding of IM as a career and its residency program across all three healthcare clusters through talks, networking sessions with doctors, and keynote speeches on advancements and innovations within the field of internal medicine and its various subspecialties.
Obstetrics & Gynaecology SocietyThe LKCMedicine OBGYN SIG is a student interest group that was set up with the aim of recruiting students who are interested in OBGYN or are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the specialty. The SIG has plans for residency talks across healthcare clusters, alumni sharing on OBGYN houseofficership, lectures from content experts and weekly clinical case questions for its members.
Ophthalmology SocietyThe LKCMedicine Ophthalmology Society was formed with the aim of connecting students with an interest in ophthalmology. The Society aims to showcase the various aspects of both medical and surgical ophthalmology. It also wishes to promote meaningful volunteerism and provide members with a platform to network with the wider ophthalmology community within Singapore and beyond.
Orthopaedic Surgery Student Interest GroupOrthopaedic Surgery SIG serves as a platform for students to expound on their interest in orthopaedic surgery.  It aims to expose LKC students to Orthopaedic Surgery and Hand Reconstructive Microsurgery beyond what is included in the curriculum, and supply LKC students with information regarding a career in Orthopaedic Surgery and Hand Reconstructive Microsurgery as well as residency programmes available.
Paediatrics Student Interest GroupLKCMedicine’s Paediatrics SIG is a dynamic young student interest group aimed at promoting interest in paediatrics. The SIG's expanding range of activities and initiatives include: M5 Selectives/Electives sharings, HO/MO sharings, residency talks, research matching, and volunteering opportunities with children-centred organizations.
Pathology Student Interest GroupThe LKCMedicine Pathology SIG is a student interest group to connect like-minded students with an interest in Pathology. On top of hosting talks to grant members better understanding of Pathology as a career and of the different residency programmes, members will also benefit from networking sessions with doctors, and workshops on Pathology.
Preventive Medicine Student Interest GroupThe Public Health and Preventive Medicine SIG was established with the aim of raising awareness about Public Health/Preventive Medicine as a career and bringing together like-minded students who share an interest in this field.
Psychiatry Student Interest GroupPsychiatry SIG was established with the aim of raising awareness about Psychiatry as a career and bringing together students who share an interest in this field. Examples of events in the SIG  include residency talks, subspecialty talks, research opportunities, and volunteer opportunities with Mental Health NGOs.