Services and Collaboration 

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The team behind the Centre has been involved in more than a hundred collaborative joint publications so we understand the complexity of research problems and are able to engage collaborators on all aspects of the research life-cycle. While the following is a selection of the services that we provide, it is not exhaustive and we encourage you to reach out to discuss more as each research question is unique and would probably need a customised set of analyses. Engagement models include pay for service as well as joint collaborators on research/industry grants depending on the nature of the collaborative work.

  1. Data management of research data including data ingestion, quality control, processing to analysis ready forms and long-term storage.
  2. Consultations for experimental designs to identify the type of data required, sample size estimation and development of analytical plans for subsequent execution.
  3. Analysis of research data which includes omics data from a variety of biological levels as well as clinical data. We use best of the breed methods to ensure robust and accurate results.
  4. Integration of multimodal data either generated by experimental methods or from public domain resources. Integrative analyses can then be carried out to gain new insights and provide a more holistic viewpoint.
  5. Meta-analysis to serve as an overview of the state of the research area as well as to gain a coherent robust overview of the factors that impact the research question.
  6. Data visualisation of high dimensional data to ease data interpretation and drive knowledge discovery.