Anshuman Tripathi

Dr. Anshuman Tripathi

Senior Programme Director
Future Mobility Solutions (AVs & Electro-mobility), 
Advanced Power Electronics
Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N)

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (+65) 6592 3541
Office: CleanTech One, #02-23


  • Phd, National University of Singapore. MTech, IIT Kanpur

Anshuman joined NTU in November-2012 and heads the Autonomous Vehicles, Electro-mobility and Energy Grid 2.0 areas of RD&D in the Energy Research Institute at NTU (ERI@N). His group supports the Land Transport Authority of Singapore to enable clean and autonomous transport solutions for various transport applications starting from first/last mile solutions to mass public transport. 

Before joining ERI@N, he has spent many years in the industry. At General Electric, he formed electrical machine design competence in GE-global research delivering machine-converter solutions to GE transportation and GE healthcare systems. He also worked on wireless power transfer solutions for GE healthcare. 

He then joined Vestas wind power systems where he was instrumental in forming a 2 MW and 3 MW converter design group comprising of hardware, software and control groups. This group delivered solutions for V-90, V-112 and V-164 turbine platforms of Vestas. 

Anshuman has research interests in digitalization of systems, grid connection of large and remote wind and solar farms, grid codes and compliance, power hardware in the loop simulations for power network designs, electrical drive train designs and hybrid Energy storage for stationary and mobile applications. He has 35 patents in the area of Energy storage, power systems, controls, electrical machines and over 24 journal publications. As head of Future Mobility Systems, he has spent last five years in developing autonomous vehicle platforms for public transport and industrial applications.

Anshuman has two start-up companies dealing with Energy Storage Systems and Autonomous Vehicles design solutions. 

Current research interest / project:
Energy Grid 2.0 is an initiative by the government of Singapore to (1) address demanding load and distributed generation profiles at the distribution power networks (2) integrate all energy saving vectors to approach more energy efficient distribution at both residential and industry levels and (3) develop new technologies that can be exploited in many use cases while the end goal should be to design a reliable and resilient grid. While this requires seamless connectivity between existing and upcoming distributed generation and loads, it also requires high bandwidth power transfer. One way to enable Energy Grid 2.0 is by deploying controllable transformers or Solid State Transformers. The project to develop Solid State Transformers for Energy Grid 2.0, is in its second phase of R&D and first phase of commercialization for use cases like power supplies and EV chargers. This presentation will give a brief overview and will highlight the key developments.