Smart & Sustainable Building Technologies

The Smart & Sustainable Building Technologies team has two Labs & Facilities that supports its research work:

ACMV laboratory @ School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The Air-Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation - ACMV laboratory has a mixture of research activities ranging from fundamental studies to applied research.

It helps to optimize energy consumption of conventional components as well as to innovate new product and solutions for tropical climates.

Building-modelling and Simulation Lab @ CTO

This simulation lab is located at CleanTech One building, with the purpose of creating a state of the art lab specialized in building modelling & simulations. The lab has a central data base for our existing/future research projects for easier accessibility and enables the team to showcase our capabilities and expertise on building modelling and simulations. It also allows us to perform research, develop & deploy new simulation tools to fill the gap of existing ones and simplify the process of simulations.

Technologies available are: 5 set of High Performance Computers, an AR (Augmented Reality) and a VR (Virtual Reality) system have been set up in this lab to address above mentioned objective and vision.