Electrification and Power Grids Centre

Located on Jurong Island, which home to Singapore’s petrochemical hub, the Electrification and Power Grids Centre (EPGC) houses one of the largest and most comprehensive integrated energy facilities in the region.  EPGC enables equipment manufacturers and system integrators to test their technologies at actual power before deployment.

The facility offers the following testing platforms that have been built up throughout the years:

  • 200kW ESS testing platform
  • 500kW motor testing platform
  • Real-time power system simulation and HIL testing platform
  • 100kW PV inverter testing platform
  • Intelligent Building Energy and Environmental Monitoring and Control System (iBEEMS) testing platform
  • Multi-functional test facility 
  • Micro-grid design and diagnosis 
  • Electricity market and business models analysis
  • Multi-energy system optimisation
  • Power electronics design and prototype