About Us

Our story

Established in 2010, the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N) distinguishes itself through research excellence directed towards outcomes of industry relevance, with focus on systems-level research for tropical megacities. The Institute integrates research across NTU in the context of the energy challenge, and then helps translate outcomes into industry and practice.

The Institute’s research focuses on a host of Interdisciplinary Research Programmes, Flagship Programmes, an Accelerator Programme and the Standards Development Organisation that covers the energy value chain from generation to innovative end-use solutions, motivated by industrialisation and deployment. 

ERI@N is committed to enable knowledge creation and technology transfer by building strong alliances with government agencies, leading industry players and SMEs and global universities to support Singapore’s national objectives. These collaborations are ratified in part through the development of green buildings, renewable energy deployment, grid management systems, proliferation of energy efficient solutions, creation of a “car-lite” society, digitalisation of the energy system enabling a ubiquitous smart grid architecture and establishing low carbon districts.

As a leading Institute that is equipped with a wide range of skillsets and expertise in Science, Engineering, Technology, Policy and Social Science that contributes to a vibrant, multidisciplinary and collaborative research environment, ERI@N strives to achieve our mission for distinction and contribute to National aspirations for a Smart and Sustainable Nation.

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