RLCG - Solar, Wind & Marine

ERI@N's Solar team's research is powered by two laboratories located at Research Techno Plaza (NTU) and CREATE tower (National Research Foundation CREATE Campus), housing Class 100k clean rooms with a total floor area of 400 m2. Equipped with multifunctional glovebox systems (2, 4, 7, and 8 ports) with integrated thermal evaporators, spin coaters, and solar simulators, these clean rooms enable the preparation of novel multifunctional perovskites films as well as the fabrication and testing of photovoltaic devices under inert conditions.

3D Printing

The W&M team has a 3D printing facility located at CleanTech One that utilises a state-of-the-art 3D printing method of plastics as well as metals and metal alloys are used. Advanced instruments such as SLM 280 HL and 500 HL in conjunction with SC3DP (Singapore’s centre for 3D printing) are used for metal and metal alloys’ coupon and component level printing. 

Wind Turbine

The team has collaborated JTC to develop a wind turbine test site at south of Tuas for testing and deploying of turbines that are >15m height to test scaled turbine along with micro-grid integration. This testbed centre can cater deploying/testing multiple rotor configurations of wind turbines of up to 6m diameter.

Tidal Turbine Testbed Facility

The tidal turbine test bed at the Sentosa Boardwalk benefits from an amplified water flow due to the narrowed channel between Singapore and Sentosa islands and bridge piers which provides manmade flow convergence. The project team has executed a floating barge system for tidal systems in Sentosa Boardwalk Project which showed a cost-effective floating system towards a marine renewable energy test bed.