Research Focus

Graphic on ERI@N's research focus

In line with ERI@N’s mission to be a global centre-of-excellence for energy solutions RD&D, the structure of the institute is designed to achieve sufficient depth at various technology levels, along with the breadth of relevant research domains.

ERI@N integrates research across NTU in the content of the energy challenge, and then helps translate outcomes into industry and practice. Our research focuses on a host of Interdisciplinary Research Programmes, Flagship Programmes, an Accelerator and a Consortium Programme that cover the energy value chain from generation to innovative end-use solutions, motivated by industrialisation and deployment. 

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Energy Systems

  • Renewables & Low-Carbon Generation (RLCG): Solar, Wind & Marine 
  • Energy Storage (ES) and Hydrogen & Fuel Cells (H2 & FC)

Grid Systems

  • Multi-Energy Systems & Grids (MESG)

Urban Solutions

  • Sustainable Built Environment (SBE)
  • Future Mobility Solutions (FMS)
  • Power Electronics & Electrification (PE&E)


  • Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator - Singapore (REIDS)
  • EcoCampus

Tech Accelerator and Translator

  • EcoLabs Centre of Innovation for Energy (EcoLabs)