Future Mobility Solutions

Located at CleanTech One, ERI@N’s Mobility and Systems Engineering Lab is a bustling shared hub for the design, development and testing of Autonomous Vehicles (AV) technologies and Power Electronics.

AV robotics kits are designed and retrofitted on different vehicle platforms in the lab. The lab has facilities to perform sensor system calibration and also Hardware-in the-Loop simulations of AVs. Dynamic multi-robot simulation platforms for creating various driving scenarios are available to perform validation and design iterations of AV software.The test lab serves as a platform to build and test rapid prototypes. Characterisation and configuration of multiple combinations of energy storage systems can be performed along with implementation of effective energy management strategies for electric vehicles.

For Power Electronics research, the lab also includes 4-domain expertise like Simulation, Emulation, Hardware Build and System Prototyping. It also has the facility of 300KVA power rating with 6.6KV Output which has been utilised for phase 1 of modular building block of 6.6 kV and 50 kVA SST, and it has served as a critical building block for the phase 2 design of 22 kV and 1 MVA SST Converter and higher power level design. The third phase 50kVA SST converter system is able to be operated at switching frequency from 100 kHz to 150 kHz with an efficiency target of 97.5% to replace the 6.6kV/22KV line transformer.