Flagship Programmes

ERI@N’s flagship programmes: EcoCampus and Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator Singapore (REIDS) –  focus on ambitious but achievable outcomes in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Integration. Both aim to strengthen the national competency in the domain of Clean Energy and Sustainability by developing and demonstrating relevant technology solutions in a living lab environment.

The EcoCampus project that was launched in 2014 has been successful in achieving its target of 35% reduction in energy, water and waste intensity by 2020. The project will come to a close in 2021 and ERI@N plans to continue with a new initiative that will build on the learning of EcoCampus and engage industry partners to trigger ground-breaking innovations. 

The REIDS programme will continue its dedication to designing, demonstrating and testing system and technology solutions for a sustainable, secure, & affordable energy supplies at a utility scale level. The overarching focus of REIDS is on the integration of selected renewable energy sources with suitable energy storage systems to serve the needs of urban populations; with the flexibility to deploy the technologies in islanded grid environments.