Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator - Singapore

The Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator - Singapore (REIDS) is a Singapore-based R3D (Research, Development, Demonstration and Deployment) platform dedicated to designing, demonstrating and testing solutions for sustainable and affordable energy access-for-all in Southeast Asia as well as the future of urban electricity distribution. REIDS fosters systemic research and development in the broad energy arena in support of Singapore corporate and public stakeholders, thereby strengthening their position on the rapidly growing renewable energy and microgrids markets.

The REIDS Low Voltage Microgrid Cluster (LVMGC) testbed on Semakau consists of seven industrial partner microgrids (MG1, MG2, MG3, MG4, MG5, MG6, and MG7), three NTU microgrids (REIDS Hub, MG0 and NTU MG), two sets of shared assets and LV/MV switchgear components. This unique concept allows the REIDS initiative to feature four types of research collaborators:

  1. Independent Microgrid Operator (IMO) 
  2. Cluster Microgrid Operator (CMO) 
  3. Software System Operator (SSO)
  4. Hardware System Operator (HSO)

The REIDS LVMGC testbed provides an ideal and unique location for a number of research and development activities which include:

  • Interoperability study of multi-microgrid networks
  • Cybersecurity of electricity distribution systems
  • Energy trading between different microgrids
  • Power Grid dynamics study and evaluation
  • Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems
  • Resiliency and Reliability study of electrical distribution network

Along with the research and development, the testbed also provides the partners unique opportunity for demonstration of their technologies as the facility is continuously visited by companies as well as decision-makers from all across the globe. 

The microgrids deployed in the testbed are capable of catering to real loads. Currently, REIDS project supplies approximately 200 kWh of electricity on average to NEA facility on Semakau Landfill daily and envisages supplying all of NEA’s as well as Barramundi Asia's (a fish nursery on Semakau Landfill) electricity requirement.