Published on 11 Jan 2023

Win at FPG FIT Hack 2022

#NTUEEE 4th-year student Wee Wen Bin and 2nd-year student Racheal Thong won the Finalist Award at the NTUC FairPrice FIT Hackathon. The Food, Innovation & Technology (FIT) Hack aims to discover new ideas, concepts and business models from students in order to build a more sustainable world. According to the organisers, the two themes selected targeted bringing the spirit of discovering sustainable new ideas alive: Sustainability and Retail Innovation. Wen Bin and Racheal proposed a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution that focuses on improving tray return stations at hawker centres. Their idea of a vertical conveyor belt system that includes a dishwasher and heater will help to reduce carbon footprint by eliminating the need to send dirty crockeries to off-site dishwashing services. Their solution addresses worker’s safety, hygiene issues, improper handling of food waste and importantly, saves water and land space. They won a cash prize of $500. Congratulations!