Corporate Laboratories

Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Laboratory

The S$75 million Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Laboratory, established in July 2013, is the first laboratory supported under this scheme. The laboratory focuses on three areas of research: electrical power and control systems, manufacturing and repair technologies, and computational engineering.

Delta-NTU Corporate Laboratory for Cyber-Physical Systems
The S$45 million Delta – NTU Corporate Laboratory for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) aims to develop revolutionary manufacturing and learning technologies for catalysing industrial transformation to achieve improvements in productivity, skills development and innovation. The lab has been developing advanced CPS technologies for enabling the transformation and creation of new breed of factories that can rise up to the challenge of future customer-driven manufacturing as well as  versatile and intelligent learning platforms and technologies for empowering effective workforce training and knowledge transfer. 

Delta-NTU Corporate Lab Cyber Physical Systems Launch