Student Exchange

Students at EEE have the advantage of enriching their university experience through numerous global exchange programmes with our renowned partner universities. Exchange allows for students to go beyond the classroom, build up life skills and develop new networks.

The programmes provide young NTU talents with expanding opportunities to enrich themselves with global exposure, with efforts made to:

  • Offer high-quality international learning and immersion opportunities
  • Build a reputation for outstanding GEM service with a high level of student satisfaction
  • To be recognised as one of the leading higher education institutions within Singapore that promotes academic and cross-cultural learning through its worldwide network of quality partner institutions.  


Incoming Mobility Programmes GEM Trailblazer

GEM Trailblazer programmes offer students the opportunity to work, study and conduct research in various Asian countries. Each programme has a unique focus and guarantees a meaningful experience.

The various programmes offered under the GEM Trailblazer are:

  • Inbound Exchange
  • SummerNTU
  • TF LEaRN @ NTU

Please click here to view the course Pre-Requisite Form for the Inbound Students.

Outgoing Mobility Programmes 

NTU’s Global Education and Mobility (GEM) initiatives, such as GEM Explorer and GEM Discoverer, offer enriching student mobility programmes with more than 100 leading companies and 150 partner universities in over 30 countries. GEM Discoverer offers a plethora of opportunities for NTU undergraduates to experience the world. There is a variety of study abroad options to suit the student’s study plan and academic goals. They include the summer/ winter studies abroad at our partner institutions, language immersion programmes, and thematic studies in ASEAN countries and key Asian markets.

All programmes are credit-bearing and take place during university vacations. Students will earn academic units towards their degree whilst immersed in a whole new landscape.

1. GEM Discoverer: GEM Discoverer offers various short-term programmes (ranging from 2 to 22 weeks) that place students overseas for work and/or study. During these stints, students earn academic units that count towards their NTU degree. 

    2. GEM Explorer: GEM Explorer enables students to take courses or do research in an overseas partner university for one full semester while exploring a new country and culture.

    Please click here to view the various programmes.