Alumni Associations

EEEAA is a voluntary organization established in 1996 by the pioneer batch of NTU EEE graduates.  The association comprises of EEE alumni, from the school’s very first batch of graduates in 1985 to the current graduating cohort.  It aims to build a powerful community driven by friendship, collaboration and shared opportunities for career enrichment and lifelong learning.

An important feature of EEEAA is the commitment to relationship-centered networking. Some EEEAA activities include tea art appreciation, wine appreciation, coffee appreciation, a Tiger Beer brewery tour, a durian tour, e-AGM and a virtual Yunnan Garden tour.  To foster a stronger identity and sense of belonging, the EEEAA committee has designed an iconic mascot and polo t-shirt.  As an NTU EEE alumnus, you are welcome to join the events and be connected to a whole range of networking opportunities, which will be beneficial in your careers.

EEEAA’s values are:
• Service with Passion
• Innovative and Fun
• Unity with Trust

Every EEE student is automatically a member of the Alumni Associations upon graduation.  

For more information:

EEE Alumni Association (EEEAA):
President EEEAA: [email protected]