Vibrant EEE Student Life

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) is dedicated to maximising your potential. We provide a wide spectrum of activities and learning opportunities to promote leadership training, career, and student well-being & development.

Leadership development aims to develop yourself holistically before you enter the workforce. Our Student Development Team manages various EEE student bodies which you can contribute and develop yourself as a leader. 

For Career Development, the Career Advisory Team aims to support your transition from EEE to higher education and/or employability. We work closely with Career Couches and Consultants from Career & Attachment Office (CAO) to develop your career management aptitude that will equip you with the necessary skills and competencies to manage career pathways and opportunities. 

For students who are facing challenges in their learning journey, our Pastoral Care Support Team works with the students to identify areas of difficulty and develop strategies to improve their learning skills. Our team of dedicated and experienced tutors from the Peer Tutoring Scheme (PTS) will render support to student who may need additional academic support. 

In the same time, EEE has a strong pool of alumni where our current students could leverage from. Our Alumni Team engages with alumni to promote cohesiveness of NTU EEE community. The students could learn from these alumni mentors and equip themselves with essential skill sets for their post-graduation life. 

For prospective students who are interested in EEE/IEM programme, our Outreach Team is available to provide you with necessary information, interesting workshops/event before you decide to embark your undergraduate journey with us. 

Do drop by our office to say hello! We will be partnering you for a fulfilling journey here in EEE.

EEE Students Office 

​Location: South Spine​, S2-B2a-39

Email: [email protected]​