Published on 01 Mar 2024

EEE Alumni Shines in Silicon Valley

Nithyasri Manikandan (Class of 2021)

EEE alumni Nithyasri Manikandan (Class of 2021) is an Investment Associate at Plug and Play based in Silicon Valley, California. Plug and Play, founded in 2006, is a global innovation platform that connects startups with corporations and venture capitalists through industry-focused accelerator programs. It has expanded its operations to over 30 locations worldwide, with an APAC headquarters Singapore, and invests in high-tech startups in the region. Nithya says she enjoyed her learning journey at #NTUEEE. “The EEE curriculum itself it’s kind of designed in a way that we learn different things from different industries, and learn how to apply that in real-life problems. So that was one major factor that helped me,” Nithya said.