Research Collaborations

The School is active in seeking strategic research collaborations globally. Below are the list of collaborators to date. (alphabetical order)
Australia - Queensland University of Technology
Australia - University of Sydney
Australia - University of Technology Sydney
Australia -University of Western Australia
Austria - AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
Austria - Medical University of Vienna
China - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
China - Northeastern University (NEU)
China - Shanghai Xiaotong University
China - Southern University of Science and Technology
China - Southwest Jiaotong University
China - Sun Yat-Sen University
China - Tsinghua University
China - Wuhan University
France - École Normale Supérieure
France - Ecole Polytechnique
France - Université Paris-diderot
France - University of Lille
Germany  - Technische Universitat Munchen
Germany  - University of Rostock
Italty - University of Bari
Italty - Sapienza University of Rome
Japan - Kyushu Institute of Technology
Japan - The University of Electro-Communications
Japan - University of Tokyo
Korea - Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
Korea - Sungkyunkwan University
Korea - Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
New Zealand - Institute of Geological & Nuclear Science (GNS Science)
Poland - Lodz University of Technology
Switzerland - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Taiwan - Academia Sinica Taiwan
Taiwan - National Cheng Kung University
Taiwan - National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
United Kingdom - University of Bristol
USA - Cornell University
USA - Duke University Medical Center
USA - Georgia Institute of Technology
USA - Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI)
USA- Massachusetts General Hospital
USA- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
USA - Rutgers The State University of New Jersey
USA - Stanford University
USA - United States Air Force Academy, Department of Air Force
USA - University of California, Berkeley
USA - University of Rochester