LEAD (Leadership Enrichment And Development) develops the leadership and managerial skills of EEE students. This programme exposes them to industry best practices and expands their professional networks through guidance from external advisors. Students experience personal growth and satisfaction through community service and humanitarian projects.  

Value: Leadership, Empathy, Adventurous, Determination 

Equipping leaders. 

Workshops to train future leaders in areas of leadership, communication, presentation, and more. 

Applying knowledge across borders. 

Overseas Community InvolvementProject (OCIP)  instils a heart of service in our students to create compassionate leaders who are willing to go the extra mile for others. 

Giving back to society. 

Local Community Involvement Project (LCIP) aims to create a sense of gratitude in our leaders by serving the community that supported us in our early years.

Care for our leaders. 

Throughout the members' training in this esteemed programme, we carry out team bonding activities to help students develop close ties with their peers.