Published on 21 Nov 2023

Nanyang Awards for EEE Faculty

Heartiest congratulations to our #NTUEEE faculty members who received the prestigious Nanyang Awards 2023, for exceptional contribution to education, research and the university. Emeritus Prof Meng Hwa Er,  Assoc Prof Andy Khong and Dr. Wesley Tan received their awards in a ceremony on 9 November.

Prof Andy Khong

Assoc Prof Khong, who is also Deputy Assoc Provost (Student Life), won the University Award Gold and the title "Educator of the Year." He played an instrumental role in the growth of makerspace Garage@EEE, received EdEX and MOE-TRF Teaching grants and received the Koh Boon Hwee award many times.

Prof Er Meng Hwa


Emeritus Prof Er was presented with the Nanyang Award for Meritorious Achievement, the highest recognition to a former employee who made outstanding contributions to the university and continues to stay the course in upholding the spirit of excellence after leaving. 


Prof Wesley Tan

Dr. Tan, who won the Nanyang Award (School) and a student favourite said: "Through my teaching and guidance, I hope my students can apply what they have learnt to make the world a wonderful place to live in."