Garage@EEE is a student-led maker space in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. We provide the environment, materials, and funding for students to develop their ideas, alongside their technical skills. Furthermore, we run creative initiatives to provide opportunities for our ambassadors to enhance other holistic skills. Aided by our strong industry connections and extensive alumni network, Garage@EEE creates not only engineers of today, but thinkers, entrepreneurs, and world leaders of tomorrow. 


To encourage innovation and cultivate the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst students in the School of EEE, NTU. 

To instill a passion for engineering ideation across students in the EEE community. 



Enitio – Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP) 

Integrating fun and technology into the programme to help our freshmen adapt to university. 

Escendo – Winter Makeathon Event 

Equipping students with useful technical skills through a series of short workshops and challenging them through a thematic make-a-thon. 


IdeasJam – Introduction to Start-Up Culture 

Exposing students to the Start-Up maker community, promoting an entrepreneurial mindset, and bringing student self-initiated ideas to reality by providing proper guidance and learning opportunities. 

Students working on projects assigned by industry partners

Industry Partners

  • Audacity
  • AWS
  • CAO
  • LTA
  • Micron
  • NTUitive
  • Schneider Electric 
  • SGInnovate
  • Shopee
  • SGInnovate
  • Xilinx

Cultivate entrepreneurial learning through

Training and Development Officers are keen on learning technical skills and are passionate to impart these skills to students in NTU EEE. 

Start-Up Development Officers co-operate closely with the start-ups hosted by Garage@EEE, as well as in assisting students who are keen in starting out. 

Operation Officers ensure Garage@EEE operates as a systematic environment for all its users. 

Business Development Officers facilitate and enhance collaborations with external companies to bring in enriching opportunities for the EEE student body. 

Branding & Marketing Officers generate publicity content and craft strategies to engage with the EEE community.