EEE Club

Established in 1982, EEE Club is the first and largest student organisation in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

The EEE Club is a constituent academic club of the NTU Students’ Union and aims to enhance the university experience of NTU EEE/IEM students through the Union’s three-pronged approach of Voice, Service, and Vibrancy. 

By Voice, the Club ensures that your needs as a student are heard and promptly attended.

By Service, the Club spearheads services that help ensure the needs of the members are met.

By Vibrancy, we organise events and implement initiatives that will guarantee a colourful and energetic student life for our members. 


EEE Club embodies a community of full-time EEE/IEM undergraduate students seeking a vibrant and holistic campus experience. 

Focusing on events that emphasise on the pleasure of social interaction, they operate with a student-centric mindset, encouraging them to strive and reach their potential.

Leveraging on its vast resources, EEE Club also commits to become a connecting bridge between the students and the School of EEE.

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The Club’s affairs are handled by the Management Committee.  It looks at advancing students’ interests in their studies by representing them in various decision-making bodies at the school level and in facilitating engagement with industry partners.

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