Student Care Support 

Academic Mentoring

In EEE, all full-time undergraduates are assigned a EEE professor as their mentor. Your mentor
will be with you throughout your study years in EEE.

During this important period when you are adapting to your university life (being in a new environment or culture, knowing new people, new curriculum or facing new demands), some of you may find it difficult to adapt to your new social life.

These transitional stresses can cause disengagement (withdrawal from involvement in an activity or group) which leads to underperforming and/or harbouring negative feelings which can affect your school or personal life. Academic mentoring is one of the forms of support that you can rely on, especially when you are going through the transitional period.

You can seek informed advice and guidance in areas of studies such as course structure, course registration, time management, university life, student exchange programmes, Academic Unit System (AUs), DIP, URECA, IA, FYP, and other resources available in the school, library, etc. It is important that you have adequate social support so that the School can identify and render help to you if required. Even if you are adapting well in this transition period, academic mentoring is also a platform for you to establish and expand your personal or professional network, seek advice on career advancement in the industry as well as research and academic opportunities in universities and research institutions.

• Go to StudentLink and select [Academic Advisory Scheme]


• Go to StaffLink. Click on [Academic Services], choose [Undergraduate] and then select [Academic Mentoring System]


EEE Student Care

The School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) strives to provide immediate support for students who are feeling overwhelmed, and create a safe, student-centered environment for their academic pursuits. We can provide guidance and support regarding coursework expectations, academic prerequisites, as well as learning and study skills. 

Academic Counselling is provided to students who are experiencing difficulties with their studies. We can help to identify areas of challenges and develop strategies to promote their academic potential and wellbeing. Our team of dedicated and experienced tutors from the Peer Tutoring Scheme (PTS) will render support to students who may need additional academic support. 

Students can contact our Student Care Manager,  Ms Tan Kai Lin at [email protected]. Office Location: S2-B2a-39 ( map).


Who can you approach

  • I require counselling support.
  • I have lost motivation in my studies and need advice.
  • I need a tutor to assist me in one of my subjects.
  • I am under academic probation and need support.
  • I have recently missed my lectures/tutorials, etc. for an extended period of time due to illness or personal crisis.
  • I wish to apply for long term leave due to my medical condition.
  • I wish to apply for long term leave to handle personal matters.
  • I require advice and support on financial assistance.
EEE Students Office
  • I encountered difficulties in my studies.
  • I need advice on how many courses I should register.
  • I need help on time management.
  • My study skills require improvement.
  • I need advice on Industrial Attachment (IA).
Academic Mentor / EEE Students Office
  • I have questions on my academic standing or general academic requirements.
  • I wish to overload my AUs.
  • I have problems with my course registration.
  • I wish to apply for short leave to take part in competitions, family emergency, etc.
  • I fell sick and missed my labs/CAs.
  • I require more information and support regarding FYP. 
Academic Programme Office
  • I need career guidance for my upcoming interviews.
  • I need to look for jobs that might be a good fit for me.
NTU Career Attachment Office / EEE Students Office

Emergency Contacts

After Office Hour Helplines (24 hours)

Helplines / Contacts No.
Helplines / Contacts No.
EEE Students Office / 6790 6365Psychological Emergency / 6904 7041
NTU University Wellbeing Centre (UWC)​ / 6790 4462NTU Campus Security / 6790 5200
NTU Medical Centre / 6793 6828