Published on 01 Feb 2023

NTUEEE Student & Team Win Hackathon

Third year student Lit En Tang and his team emerged champions at the inaugural UK-Singapore Universities Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Symposium Hackathon 2022. The team’s idea was to create educational farming kits, complemented by a learning app, to enable children to explore the world of farming. The team - Clarissa Ow from Singapore Institute of Technology, Dylan Walch from The University of Edinburgh, Ricardo Moreno Ballesteros from the University of Dundee and Lit En - then pitched to the judges was also to address the shrinking pool of local farmers and enhance the consumption of home-grown produce in Singapore. Impressive enough for the top prize of SGD2,000. Lit En said the hackathon was “really an eye-opener” and allowed everyone to explore “different ideas when trying to solve the problem statement.” The #hackathon was the first one where students from UK and Singapore work together on ideas to tackle #SustainableDevelopmentGoals