Published on 17 Jul 2020

NTU EEE graduand | Class of 2020: Ms Hsieh Chia Yen

​​​Hsieh Chia Yen is graduating with a Bachelor in Engineering (Information Engineering & Media) with Honours (Distinction) and she shares the experience at NTU EEE. 

The first thing that got Chia Yen excited about EEE was the IEM programme that promises a visual arts education integrated with a stellar engineering curriculum. She felt that it was a unique programme and would provide her with interesting opportunities to immerse herself into a holistic student life and participation in various student bodies and camps. One such camp is the ENITIO Freshman Orientation Camps. Chia Yen always had a lot of fun participating in ENITIO, be it as freshmen or as a group leader and technical design team who ran the event. “It is an opportunity to make friends from both EEE and IEM and have fun in general. IEM get-together lunches were also a thing I look forward to every year, as it provides a great opportunity to catch up with people and enjoy myself”, she said.

Opportunities is the keyword for Chia Yen’s experience. Chia Yen took up leadership positions and joined various events/camps. It was a good chance to hone leadership skills and create good memories. Besides, there were many workshops available to learn new skills such as a new programming language like Python and C++ for Arduino. Chia Yen was also able to do summer studies in Korea, where she had a lot of fun and also learned a lot and met many international students. When asked about her greatest achievements in NTU EEE, it wasn’t about awards or prizes. For Chia Yen, it was the time she took up a leadership position in EEE LEAD and was in charge of branding and marketing for a year. She co-chaired the Overseas Community Involvement Programme in Vietnam in 2019 and also participated in ENITIO several times as Group Leader, Publications and Publicity member, Technical design team member, and Game master. This experience honed her communications, project management, and people management skills. Academics is also important to Chia Yen. Her favourite module was Introduction to Design & Project(IDP).

It was completely hands-on with 3 mini projects in 1 semester. She was able to learn how to use android studio, unity, and building a website in a short amount of time and it was fun. When asked about her most memorable moments, there were just too many. IEM itself is very memorable. A mixture of arts and engineering, which she loves. The first ENITIO was very meaningful when Chia Yen was a sophomore then, she was proud to have participated and contributed to it. Her journey in NTU EEE LEAD was also very interesting as the time was during the transitioning period. The team tried to innovate and improve the current status of LEAD. There were new initiatives and it was a fruitful journey. When asked what advice she had for current and future EEE students, she replied, “I would encourage them to participate as much in school activities as possible. Use the opportunities provided to try out different things, explore and make new friends. Work smart, play hard."