Published on 23 Oct 2023

Students Win at Business Innovation Competition

Students win at Business Innovation Competition

Students Wee Wen Bin, Racheal Thong, Lee Jun Yong and Frentzen Seow won the finalist prize in October at the 15K student business innovation competition organised by MIT Club and Junior Achievement (JA) Singapore. The team won a cash prize of $2,000 on their project idea - incorporating thermal sensor into lighting to digitalize and futureproof the buildings in urban spaces with big data analytics. The 15K Competition is an entrepreneurship competition modelled on Massachusetts Institute of Technology's $100K Entrepreneurship Competition. MIT’s $100K competition started in 1989 as a $10K competition and grew to $100K today. It is a huge annual event at MIT now, with the launch finals watched by thousands, and sponsored by a hosts of top-class companies and foundations. More than 60 companies worth more than $10 billion have been launched, including Akamai, net.genesis and C-bridge.

The NTUEEE team registered for the competition in in July. From August to September, they received exceptional mentorship Mr Jayendhar Gautham Mohanasundaram of Bloomberg and Ms Clara Kwan of Consulus to improve their idea and proposal before the finals.