Published on 08 Jun 2022

NTU EEE alumna : Ms Ria Rustagi

The passing of her sister led to NTU EEE alumna Ria Rustagi's mission - to help patients with speech difficulties communicate with their families. In 2018, Ria co-founded #healthtech company PankhTech with her fiancé in memory of her late sister, Pankhuri, who was hospitalised due to a rare brain infection and was unable to speak. Eager to communicate with her sister, Ria spun the idea of a device that would allow her to understand what her sister was thinking. The concept for Neuphony - a wearable headband device and mobile application developed by Pankhtech that measures and interprets #brain activities in real time - was born.

Read how Ria turned a personal loss into a cause to help others: