Transitional Arrangement for Year 1 Chemistry Courses

CM1021, CM1031, CM1041, and CM1051 will no longer be offered starting from Semester 1 of AY2022/23. Students who have not cleared the course(s) will take the replacement course CM1001 (4 AU) and/or CM1002 (4 AU) respectively. AU requirements will be adjusted accordingly, where applicable. See the table below for details.

Existing CourseAUReplacement CourseAU Adjustment
CM1001 (4 AU)CM1002 (4 AU)
CM10214 -
CM10314 -
CM10414 -
CM10513 Core: +1 AU
BDE: -1 AU
CM1021 and CM10418 Core: -4 AU
BDE: +4 AU
CM1031 and CM10517 Core: -3 AU
BDE: +3 AU
CM1021 and CM10517Core: +1 AU
BDE: -1 AU